December 2020

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Hey will soon be 2021 and hopefully the end of COVID soon as it has been horrendous year due to it. But life goes on and TV viewing gets better here in Spain and elsewhere in the World. Life would be boring no matter where you are if all you had to watch were repeats all the time. Yes some repeats are worth watching but not some of the rubbish ones they keep showing every year time and again, and again. Thank god for equipment like Net Box and the excellent IPTV, there is lots more choice and selection. So let 2021 be an enjoyable Television experience with us all.

New films. A selection of some of the new releases available. Have a look at the trailers to see if you like these type of films. Just a small selection as there are hundreds more. For an overview please look up the fils and box sets.

Wonder Woman. – Honest Thief. – Greenland . Tenet. – Fatman. – Wander. – No Good Deed.

Lots of new Box Sets available (series)

Person of Interest. – The Mandalorian. – Next. Your Honour. – The Frog. – The Good Doctor

There are thousands of box sets and movies from the latest cinema releases to old black and white movies. Don’t forget the box sets great series of old and new box sets.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or suggestions. All welcome.




We have four ex demo boxes complete with one years IPTV on them giving you excellent full high definition quality without buffering and with catch up television on over 80 channels at a special price. The normal price is 189 Euros for box and 120 Euros for IPTV. total 309 Euros. Our SPECIAL end of year price is just 149 Euros, less than half price. The bad news as we have only four left. Phone now and we will put it aside for you. Tel 966680541

I hope you had a great Christmas and like me looking forward to the New Year 2021, as this year has been the worst year I can recall. The COVID VIRUS made 2020 horrible, with lots of illness and lots of deaths. Lots of businesses shutting and lots of people out of work. This indeed has been a disastrous year. So lets hope and pray we will get through it with the new vacinatioons which I believe will be distributed in Spain very shortly.

There has been quite a few updates recently, so please make sure you update the free APP s. A few of them are Mobdro, Cinema HD, Red Box, Cyberflix and of course Media Lounge.

Also there has been lots of new channels added to IPTV but don’t worry the IPTV updates itself every day.


Well nearly another year over and a bad year at that. Everyone will remember 2020 for Covid 19. All I hear is customers repeating the sooner 2021 comes the better. But it is not all over as yet but hopefully the vaccination will stop the virus, sooner rather than later.

The good thing about IPTV and the Net Box is you no longer have to watch the same old repeats over and over again. You have thousands of movies, box sets and for that matter thousands of channels as well. Spoilt for choice, of course you are and we all deserve a break and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2021 will be Covid 19 free and keep safe.

We will be closed Christmas day and Boxing day, also January 1st and 2nd. So please remember those days and do not telephone.