February 2020
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Spanish Life

Why do so many British choose Spain to live. Is it the 320 days of sunshine on average every year? There are lots of different reasons but most are in deed the climate and the dry hot weather. Some say the laid back living, healthy lifestyle, low cost of living and the friendly Spanish people.
We came to Spain almost ten years ago and we have been to a Spanish wedding, christening, birthday parties and unfortunately a Spanish funeral. We try our best to integrate into the Spanish way of life.  Margaret my wife speaks Spanish but I am still struggling with the language. It is not as easy to learn as most people think but I can communicate and enjoy speaking to the locals who are always pleased to help you when they know you are trying. Some people come and don’t learn anything other than ordering a drink, this displeases the Spanish people and they are correct as it is their country.
There are positives and negatives.
First the positives. The fruit and vegetables are fresh and cheap and usually don’t have any additives or preservatives, these are usually purchased at the local markets, which can be found in most small villages and towns everyday of the week. The Spanish eat a lot of fresh fish and most restaurants serve fish daily along with a glass of red wine usually.
Eating out can be far cheaper than the UK,  The climate is excellent with the sun virtually guaranteed every day, of course there is rain, which you need for the farmers to grow crops. BBQ is common at weekends and you smell the cooking from the BBQ no matter were you go at weekends. Sunday is a family day in Spain and is still very religious with most shops closed.
The health system is second to none with new modern hospitals and clinics everywhere and pensioners and those with a health card (SIP) have treatment free. I personally can vouch for how good the health service is as I had a serious illness and was in a hospital for 5 days and I was very impressed by the treatment I received.
So what do we have? Longer daylight hours in the winter, better lifestyle, cost of living cheaper, less stress, health eating, climate, health system, less crime, nice people and the beaches and countryside is beatifull.  The video below shows what is Spanish Life.

Next blog, the negatives about living in Spain and why so many are selling up and leaving Spain.