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February 2018
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Summer is coming to Spain

UNIV/ foto 2It is now April and the temperatures are rising just nicely and the tourist from all over the world will be arriving and the Spanish citezens themselves will be travelling from Madrid and other parts to the Costa Blanca Coast. 

Yes sun tan cream at the ready swim gear on and lets party.  A lot of big fiestas will be arriving shortly as well to celebrate the summer has arrived.  But it is not just the white coast beeches attraction for tourist, there are lots of exciting towns and cities inland and lots of events to see.

Over the next couple of months we will be visiting these places as well as the white sand beaches and putting up videos with a difference with our new drone for aerial views being added to our ground shots.  Lets see Spain from the air in High Definition from Spain. 

Yesterday the 1st of April (and this is no joke or April fools day) it reached 32 degrees. Fabulous weather for this time of the year. The ladies are already out in force with their bikinis but wait for it. There was also men with man bikinis on (yuk) not a pretty site I assure you. They say it take all kind of things to make the world go round but to me they don´t look nice at all. Yes a lot of people were turning their heads round to see them but unless you want a laugh,  as  I said not a pretty sight.

But the ladies are a treat to see in all their fantastic colours with large hats to match. Come on to Spain for sun, sea, great cheap food and vino of course.  Look forward to seeing you all soon.  

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