November 2019
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Premium IPTV The Facts.

What is IPTV.      IPTV is a pay channel and costs less than 2€ per week.  
Giving you High Definition quality live television, without any stuttering, buffering or breakup.

What do you receive.  Most UK and European Television programmes as well as USA, Australia and Canadian TV programmes.  You can view Live sports including Football, Rugby, Golf, Formula 1, Tennis, Boxing and many other sports from all over the world.  A selection of over 1400 channels plus Movies and Boxed Sets.  You also have Catch Up, EPG  electronic programming guide and automatic updates.
In the last 24 months the downtime has been less than one percent. Even in bad weather your viewing is not interrupted. 

The Benefits.  With a very low internet download speed you obtain uninterrupted viewing of your favourite TV channels, with a fantastic choice of programmes which you cannot receive from any other TV providers without paying over 100 Euros per month or more.  
And all from one supplier and with one box.  We also update your box every year by removing non used memory, old programmes and adding new channels and apps free of charge. (normal charge 40€) which we believe makes this the cheapest IPTV available.

What is the difference.  We also provide Net Box with free Apps and programmes with no annual charges. Our free programmes are the best choice and quality available but when your internet drops below 6MB you will have buffering and drop outs.
No matter what country you live,  this occurs and usually at weekends. Also the free programmes come from people all over the world doing it for free with only a small capacity server which can sometimes be overloaded.
IPTV comes from people with very large professional servers, which they can send to millions of people uninterrupted. But this is very expensive, hence the reason for charging.

Please contact us for further information and prices at 966680541.

Please note we do not provide the programmes or IPTV.