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February 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



How do you explain one of the noisiest and longest fireworks display I have ever seen and heard. It lasted just over an hour and the buzzing in my ears lasted another hour. But it was worth it as this was pyrotechnics at its best. Who knows what it cost Elche city to put on this display as it was massive and was all over the city. Perhaps the video can show you better than I can explain it to you. I have had to reduce the volume as it was distorting the sound quality. Or as my friend at the end of the video “it was just a big bang” but his wife’s comments were “just fantastic”.

At the end every one of the Spanish people started singing a hymm and the church bells started ringing, remember this was in the early hours of the morning.



VAT reduced by 4% was the headlines in the Spanish press. I said that is a good savings I will go out and buy an iPad and save a fortune, ooops it is off new houses only, knew it was to good to be true. Ah well, I will have to go and buy a new house instead.

This is the Spanish governments way of trying to kickstart the housing sales. Hmm might work as 4% off is a lot off a house. Anyway the Dutch, Belgians amd Swedes are buying property in Spain, as Spain is still very cheap for them. Properties here especialy the ones with 50% off,  is a real bargain to them. In fact only 30% of what it would cost in their country. Plus food and drink is only a fraction of the cost here to them. So much for the Euro being the same value in each country.

Here is a comparison to eating out on the Costa Blanca.
Full English breakfast from                       2€
Lunch from                                                6€
Three course evening meal from             8€
Tapas with small beer                           1,50€
Small beer                                                1€

Oh well I am driving into Crevillent as I have been told there is free food and drink at the fiesta. Pity I only drink coke but Margaret can have some vino tinto (red wine) and tapas. How can I possibly lose weight at this rate. But I do miss my Tunnock’s carmel wafers.


Hi Everyone if you live in the UK the summer has gone.  But here in Spain it is still hitting the mid thirties, but at night it is dropping down to twenty. That is a sign that the summer is ending now, and the beaches will get quiet and we will have nice cool nights. Hey I am not complaining but I loved having a swim in the pool three times a day and it helped me loose some weight.  It was not nice at night as the evenings were warm and air con is not good for your breathing at night.

We don’t have an autumn and the winter arrives in December or January and goes away in early March, but it’s not like the UK winter, there is no snow or frost and we only get the occasional rain, but boy does it come down when it does rain.

This is now fiesta time and tonight and tomorrow is Moor’s and Christian parades. You want to see this its colourful and noisy. Just like the carnivals you see on TV in Brazil. The Spanish love them and they eat and drink their way through them. I will video record them and show you some of it next week.

I hope the weather is kind to you all this weekend and you enjoy yourself. take care and Hast Luego  (see you soon)