Harry in Spain

September 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Tip For Today. Saturday 24th March

Here is my tip for today. Want to see a good movie,? Yes , well get the popcorn out and the hot dogs as the best place to see a movie is in your own lounge with your Net Box and the best place to view it is on my new favourite channel MEGABOX HD Lite

It has all the latest cinema releases in excellent quality with no buffering (as long as you have a good internet signal.) There are a good selection of both movies and boxed sets.







At The Cinema.

Hi all, have you been to the cinema in the UK.  Well at Christmas I was in Scotland to visit my family. My son informed me he had purchased cinema tickets to see STAR WARS for himself, my grandson and me, bring it on I said.
We arrived and he informed me we had luxury seating costing 45 pounds for the three of us. WOW, thats expensive. I said I will get the snacks for us. 3 Hot Dos, 3 Pop Corn and three Diet Cokes.

Thirty six pounds she said (what) thats £81 pounds in total tickets and snacks. (Nearly 100 Euros) Thats just to see one movie in luxury seats of course .

Then I realised how good the Net Box was and value for money, not only can you get access to thousands of movies, boxed sets and of course live television for just two visits to the cinema.

If you don’t believe me next time you are in the UK go to the cinema but make sure you have your credit card or plenty of cash.  You will need it ha ha.



Fibre Optical Internet.

Fibre internet is now available in a lot of towns now. This is good for receiving your TV through your internet but beware, fibre is good using cables to connect your router and TV box but is not so good using Wi-Fi to connect to your TV box.
It loses a lot of signal strength and could cause buffering. So try to have your router as close to your television as possible.

Our special offer for premium IPTV will finish soon, so contact us as soon as possible. It can be added to your box for less than 2 Euros per week. It has many advantages, contact us for more information.