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September 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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Media Lounge which used to be called Live lounge has upgraded again and as usual not very easy to do (why does he do it this way).

You have got to instal update then uninstall the original, not easy to do, and sorry I cannot do anything about that.

It is now called Media Lounge 1.0.1 and I don’t see any difference and it is still hit or miss.

Also there is a warning not to instal this APK as it is dangerous.It is up to you if you want to do this but be careful.

This was a great program but the developer has made a mess of it .

Please note when you see other programmes offering an update. Do update it to obtain the latest programmes.  

(Stay safe everyone.)



Cyberflix problems.

If you are having (NO DATA) problems with CYBERFLIX , you are not alone. its all over the internet.

But do not worry there are duplicates all over the place and they are working,

Cat and Mouse, Typhoon TV. Cinema HD plus many more.  The developer is aware of the problems and is trying to fix them.

Of course IPTV is working fine as always.

I don’t always put up things like this as sometimes I do not know and sometimes it may only be down for minutes.



JUNE Special offer.

Hi  Lockdown is easing just now and people have had there fare share of watching TV, Movies and Box Sets during lockdown.

Have you been updating your apps as a lot of the apps have been updated recently and a few new apps have been released.

Well a client inadvertently gave me an idea and here it is a  Special June only offer.

We will update your box while you wait from today until the 30 th June 2020 your box for half price 20 euros (normal 40 euros)

We take off the old apps to clear memory and add new apps plus update the existing apps, all done while you wait. Takes aprox 30/45 minutes.

Here are some things to keep in mind. You have to wear a mask, the box must be cleaned and unfortunately no toilet facilities.

Don’t miss this one of chance to make sure your box is up to date by booking an appointment now Tel 966680541.

While there ask to see the new IPTV working or watch a demo on this site above (New IPTV Video) IPTV updates itself automatically.

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