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May 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Hi All.     Here is an instructions video for downloading an add free version of Terrarium  the movie and boxed set program.

If you want to have a go at downloading the latest edition yourself here is how to do it, from TD Tech UK.

Please note , we are not responsible if you delete or damage the program, so please be careful.

Don’t forget to press on the small square at the bottom right hand side to enlarge the picture.


The Price Is Right.  Why do some providers charge more than others?  How do you tell what the correct price should be?

If you are purchasing a new car the prices will vary dramaticaly especially if you look at Ford and then a BMW.  Why? because one is far better than the other. Computers are another item with various  prices and various specifications.  It is the same with restaurants  they vary in price but it all boils down to one thing, you get what you pay for.  

I have seen Android boxes at 99€ fully loaded but fully loaded with what and what memory do these boxes have and what ram. Do they have a full one tear guarantee with them, what back up do they have?   They are usually loaded with KODI which is not working very good at all and in fact they are losing programmes every week. The memory is not enough to let you update, the ram is too slow etc etc.

We have the top of the range boxes, the best APKs, fast programmes and top quality IPTV at prices that most can afford, without cutting corners or supplying inferior goods.

Can these people say the same, I doubt it. So choose carefully and make sure you get a demonstration without pushy sales and false claims.  The choice is yours.

We have been in this business for more than 6 years and advertise with the Costa Blanca People (for over 5 years) who are a very reputable newspaper



Last Ten Days to go with special offer on IPTV upgrade for 69€ plus 20€ once only instalation.

End of April is the last chance to have your box upgraded to Premium IPTV, at the special offer, so please don’t miss out on this special offer.

It will revert to 99€ after April 30th.

See previous blog for full details of IPTV.