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August 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



The demise of Terrarium.

The developer of Terrarium has  decided to discontinue his programme and will not be back.  It has, been a good program and lasted a long time and a big thanks to the developer.

Lots of you have asked me about other suitable programmes. Well there are lots of them all you have to do is look at your APPS folder, Show Box, Megabox, Bobby Movies, Cartoon HD, Free Movies, Free Flix,  Movie Box, One Box, Movies DB, Live Lounge and of course if you have IPTV there are movies and boxed sets on there as well.

When we started some 6 years ago there was KODI and a few movie channels but now KODI is old and APPS have taken over with better quality and a lot more choice, but it is important to have your box updated at least once a year.


Live Lounge Again.

Hey guys the latest episode of Live Lounge is out version 6.1.5 has  just been released this is the third in as many days, but for quality and free IPTV it is worth it.

All the UK channels , Sky, Free View and sports are there, plus he is going to add HD versions soon.  Well you are not doing anything anyway or you would not be reading this. Honest guys it is the cheapest IPTV you can get anywhere. What is cheaper than FREE.

But if you want the best in HD with virtually no stops or interruptions  with catch-up and EPG guide our 1400 channels premium IPTV is the second cheapest, at less than 2 Euros per week. Just give me a call for a free 2 day demo on your box.



Jack Ryan a new box set can be viewed on the movie channels, Mega Box, Terrarium, Show Box and some of the others ,but for me Mega Box is the best of the lot just now. I have watched six of the eight episodes since Friday and it is compulsive viewing for me. An up to date take on the war in Lebanon and Syria plus the activities of the CIA. It has got everything blood, guts, shootings and sex. It has a good storyline and good actors.

Talking about Mega Box, if you like me are a movie buff but want good quality movies and boxed sets without buffering, you must try Mega Box. I can’t fault it, a great APP.