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March 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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7th Anniversary of Net Box

Hi Everybody ,  today is the 7th anniversary of the  Net Box in Spain.

I hope you are enjoying the blog which is shortly changing to a VLOG.

for those not familiar with the term VLOG, I will be doing most new articles in video. Hence the title VLOG. 

The only problem I will have is to be careful I do not break any copyright laws.

I will start the VLOG shortly so please be patient with me until everything is up and running.

As well as items regarding the Net Box I will be doing blogs about the Costa Blanca and living in Spain. Especially about a pensioner living in Spain.

As you can gather I am going to be very busy getting this all set up as well as a new You Tube channel. If you have any ideas or footage on Spain contact me by e-mail at [email protected]

Lots of friends ask me why do we need television here in Spain. Well it is not hot all the year round, alright not so cold as the UK but there are nights we like to see some television and keep in touch with what is going on in the UK.

The Net Box is not the cheapest but it is reliable and with very good quality, reliability and choice. We also have a web page and blog with a new VLOG starting soon.

So keep watching harryinspain.es for all the latest news on the Net Box and Spain.

Wishing you all well.




Handy Hints 3.
When you see a notification saying there is a new update, please always update.

It is simple. Just press update, then at the bottom of the screen it will say instal.
That is it now press done.

To add it back on to your favourite menu at the bottom, just press the plus sign on the right hand side and tick the new icon. Easy.


Handy Hints 2

How to do an internet speedtest with your Net Box.

Go to APPS and you will find an icon called  SPEEDTEST.
It will take a few seconds to load then press  BEGIN SPEEDTEST.
It is the download speed that is important. 
My advice is to do a few test to see what the average is.
Remember a speediest tells you your download speed at that moment, but it does not tell you if it is a steady download speed.  Or a constant speed is being achieved, which is required for streaming live TV or movies.

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