Harry in Spain

January 2021


Not all Scots are mad but I am


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IPTV NEW UPDATE.  Sorry but the IPTV supplier has had to move to a new server. This is a much better server and will give even better quality and faster operating.

Instructions.     Open up your Net Box  

Go to IPTV as above and press SETTINGS  (on bottom left hand side).

Now press SIGN OUT  and YES

You will see http://bestiptvuk.store:8085   (in blue box)

Please delete the last two numbers 85  to   http://bestiptvuk.store:80

Now press return and IPTV will update automatically.

Thats it all done.

If you can’t do it ,  phone me at 966680541 and we can do it over the phone or you can bring the box in and I will do it free of charge.    Sorry for the inconvenience.

This has to be carried out before FRIDAY 18 September.



Sorry but the IPTV suppliers have informed us their servers are moving today and could be offline for a while.

They are moving to bigger better servers. Use the FREE icons just now.

Hey its back on already sorry


Hello all you lovely people, Sorry I have not been on the blog that much but had a kidney infection and that meant a lot of pain when sitting down.  (To much Diet Coke)

Updates September.

A couple of updates now required, guess what one is first. YES our old friend MEDIA LOUNGE.. It is now 2.0.6 and looks like it is working fine for a change (surprise, surprise).

Also new is MOBDRO 2.1.92 some people love it , I don’t .  Scroll along to ABOUT and it will let you update it.

IPTV is going great and the comments coming back are superb. Quick, easy to use, quality fantastic, catch up and up to 4K. Great for sports fans and has all 3pm kick offs for football. It also has Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney plus all free (cost 30 euros a month )  all for just 10 Euros a month.  Plus box sets and lates cinema movies in Full HD. A bargain.

Want to see it give us a phone. 966680541.

Keep safe and wear a mask outside please, we need to beat this little bas—.


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