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July 2020
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JUNE Special offer.

Hi  Lockdown is easing just now and people have had there fare share of watching TV, Movies and Box Sets during lockdown.

Have you been updating your apps as a lot of the apps have been updated recently and a few new apps have been released.

Well a client inadvertently gave me an idea and here it is a  Special June only offer.

We will update your box while you wait from today until the 30 th June 2020 your box for half price 20 euros (normal 40 euros)

We take off the old apps to clear memory and add new apps plus update the existing apps, all done while you wait. Takes aprox 30/45 minutes.

Here are some things to keep in mind. You have to wear a mask, the box must be cleaned and unfortunately no toilet facilities.

Don’t miss this one of chance to make sure your box is up to date by booking an appointment now Tel 966680541.

While there ask to see the new IPTV working or watch a demo on this site above (New IPTV Video) IPTV updates itself automatically.


June is here and the last three months have been long and hard with lockdown. At last it looks like a light is at the end of the tunnel.

Lots of people have been on to me about movie channels Cyberflix and Cinema HD2 not working as good as they have done in the past and it is all over the internet about problems with these channels.

The problems are being caused by millions of people worldwide being on lockdown and the servers are being overused by the extra people using these channels.

Unfortunately there is nothing can be done as these channels are free and the providers can not afford larger servers during lockdown.

The only solutions are to try the other free channels or switch to IPTV , these are pay channels and have much more powerful servers.

The sooner we are out of lockdown the better. Other people have noticed a deterioration of picture quality. If you have not noticed a lot of the broadcasters are being done from presenters homes and they are using cheap web cams.  Also in case you have not noticed Netflix themselves were down twice in the past two weeks with catch up from BBC and ITV also being interrupted.

BT and Talk Talk were also down last week as so many were using their internet. The big one Sky has also had problems, so don’t always blame the box please.


I have been asked by several people about Cyberflix having problems.

We do not have any contact with the programme providers as they are not legal and have to stay incognito. I have been watching the internet and lots of people are saying no data and buffering problems are common just now and they put it down to lockdown as there are lots more using the movie channels than normal causing their servers to crash. There is a new version supposed to come out soon.  Also live lounge has changed to Media Lounge. We cannot do updates on the free programmes for no charge sorry.

It is very important that you update these programmes at least once a month.

IPTV updates itself every day but this is a pay channel.

You must wear a mask when visiting us.



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