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July 2019
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Life in Spain.

In recent years, more British have been returning to the UK than moving to Spain WHY?
PANIC.  Yes people are panacking due to the drop in the prices of property and the cost of living increase in Spain.  They are taking a huge loss on selling their property at a much lower price and returning back to the UK only to find the same thing is happening there also. There is high unemployment here in Spain but the same applies to the UK.
The cost of living is up around the world and Spain is no different but it is still much cheaper here than most other countries.  Eating out for example, you can have a menu del dia for as low as £5, that’s a three course lunch and the food is excellent. The drink is inexpensive also. Petrol and diesel are still at least 20% cheaper.  So why panic?

The pound is now strengthening against the euro so pensioners get more for their money. Pensioners now get the same heating allowance as their counterparts in the UK.  It can get cold here in the winter but not as cold as the UK.

So what else is negative? When the laid back Spanish get behind the wheel of a car they change. From manana to rush, rush, rush, it can be frightening how close they drive behind you. On the plus side there is no road rage or beeping of horns.  They do not say please or thank you. (por favor or gracias)  but they always say good morning or afternoon (buenos dias or buenas tardes).
Too hot in July and August? it is a tad hot then with temperatures reaching the high thirties. Is that not why you came here?  It’s always the same too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, there is no pleasing some folk.  So the question is why go back to the UK and the rain and the cold and the expensive cost of living, car rage, the list goes on and on but it is your homeland and perhaps you are homesick or missing the kids and grand children, who knows, but good luck anywayas I am still here.

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Spanish Life

Why do so many British choose Spain to live. Is it the 320 days of sunshine on average every year? There are lots of different reasons but most are in deed the climate and the dry hot weather. Some say the laid back living, healthy lifestyle, low cost of living and the friendly Spanish people.
We came to Spain almost ten years ago and we have been to a Spanish wedding, christening, birthday parties and unfortunately a Spanish funeral. We try our best to integrate into the Spanish way of life.  Margaret my wife speaks Spanish but I am still struggling with the language. It is not as easy to learn as most people think but I can communicate and enjoy speaking to the locals who are always pleased to help you when they know you are trying. Some people come and don’t learn anything other than ordering a drink, this displeases the Spanish people and they are correct as it is their country.
There are positives and negatives.
First the positives. The fruit and vegetables are fresh and cheap and usually don’t have any additives or preservatives, these are usually purchased at the local markets, which can be found in most small villages and towns everyday of the week. The Spanish eat a lot of fresh fish and most restaurants serve fish daily along with a glass of red wine usually.
Eating out can be far cheaper than the UK,  The climate is excellent with the sun virtually guaranteed every day, of course there is rain, which you need for the farmers to grow crops. BBQ is common at weekends and you smell the cooking from the BBQ no matter were you go at weekends. Sunday is a family day in Spain and is still very religious with most shops closed.
The health system is second to none with new modern hospitals and clinics everywhere and pensioners and those with a health card (SIP) have treatment free. I personally can vouch for how good the health service is as I had a serious illness and was in a hospital for 5 days and I was very impressed by the treatment I received.
So what do we have? Longer daylight hours in the winter, better lifestyle, cost of living cheaper, less stress, health eating, climate, health system, less crime, nice people and the beaches and countryside is beatifull.  The video below shows what is Spanish Life.

Next blog, the negatives about living in Spain and why so many are selling up and leaving Spain.


Novelda is located in the south of Valencia region.at 241 meters above sea level. Novelda has always been a center of communication between the coast and the”Meseta” the interior of Spain, this together with the agricultural and cattle resources, was the basis for the ancient settlement.
Nowadays, Novelda is a very dynamic and modern city, whilst still retaining its modernist heritage.  The city has many beautiful town squares, parks and a busy market place, this together with the rich local gastronomy and the region industry, which includes, grapes, saffron, marble and wine production, makes this friendly town a very interesting place to visit.

St Mary Magdalene’s Sanctuary is a typical religious and modernist building, which was designed by Jose Sala Sala, who was born in Novelda, and at the time was very much influenced by Catalonian modernism.
The Sanctuary is characterised by the peculiar ground-plan simulating a pitcher and symbolic materials, all originating from this area. The outside of the building is decorated with modernist motifs, ceramics, bricks and polychrome painted tiles, which make this building an icon of European Modernism.
The construction of the temple, in honour to St Mary Magdalene, took almost 30 years, and is situated on La Mola’s hill, 3 km from the town centre and along the Valle of the Vinalopo. This emblematic place is a symbol of the city.