Harry in Spain

October 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



HI All

From one Gota Fria to another.  In case you have not seen the reports on Google or You Tube.  Xtreamz Codes  The company in Italy that owns the software that controls IPTV on 95 percent of IPTV in the world was raided for tax evasion.

The company is a software company only and does not provide IPTV itself but as I stated it controls the software that has the back panel of IPTV.  This has brought about the failure of nearly all IPTV programmes and caused panic among viewers.

The good news is that other companies are designing the back panel software and all programmes we are told should be back in the next 48 hours.  (please do not take it as exactly 48 hours as this is what we have been informed).

We ourselves do not provide IPTV we just act as resellers.  This has affected even the free programmes such as sports. So hopefully all will be back to normal in the next couple of days.

This is the first time this has happened in years and hopefully the last.

Normal BBC and ITV channels are still working.



WOW  Gota Fria the worst in 100 years.  We have been here 16 years and have already seen one Gota Fria but this one is the daddy of them all.

Flooding everywhere and property damage, vehicles floating away and road blocks everywhere. This is not Spain, what the ==== is going on.

Alicante airport closed, police telling people to not leave their houses, power cuts and for those with satellite TV   NO signal.

Hey what am I worried about, I have IPTV which works all the time as long as I don’t have a power cut. Thank God.

Well I hope you got off with no, or very little damage and did not get your feet wet. We had slight water damage in our basement but thankfully that’s all.

Anyway I got a chance to catch up on some excellent movies and box sets. Fed up listening to BREXIT.

Have a good weekend.




There are a few new updates today , so be sure and press the OK or enter on your remote then instal to make sure they instal onto your box.  Please note if you do not add the new version, you will not be able to instal the next update.

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