Harry in Spain

June 2021


Not all Scots are mad but I am



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Colourful, musical, full of fun and costumes made for kings.

The Crevillent Moors and Christians Fiesta is something worth a visit. It must be one of the biggest and the best in Spain.
It is watched by thousands of spectators from all over Spain and the variety of entertainment is unrivaled. Some of the displays have taken a year to design and build.
A lot of effort and thought has gone into this years fiesta.

We went on Saturday evening to see one of the six parades on show which lasted three and a half hours with bands and artists giving us entertainment which was professional and the costumes and designs were exceptional.
We were with ten other friends some of which had never seen a Moors and Christians parade before and they were amazed at the amount of work which went into putting on a display like this. Some of our friends were from the UK on holiday and said tonight made their holiday much better. For those of us who had seen it before were taken back by the sheer size of the event. Considering this was only one of six parades to be held.
There was acrobats, gymnasts, stuntmen, horses and some of the biggest bulls I have ever seen. I am not forgetting all the residents of Crevillent who put on an amazing fiesta which will culminate in a very colourful fireworks display on the last night of the fiesta.


Life in Spain.

In recent years, more British have been returning to the UK than moving to Spain WHY?
PANIC.  Yes people are panacking due to the drop in the prices of property and the cost of living increase in Spain.  They are taking a huge loss on selling their property at a much lower price and returning back to the UK only to find the same thing is happening there also. There is high unemployment here in Spain but the same applies to the UK.
The cost of living is up around the world and Spain is no different but it is still much cheaper here than most other countries.  Eating out for example, you can have a menu del dia for as low as £5, that’s a three course lunch and the food is excellent. The drink is inexpensive also. Petrol and diesel are still at least 20% cheaper.  So why panic?

The pound is now strengthening against the euro so pensioners get more for their money. Pensioners now get the same heating allowance as their counterparts in the UK.  It can get cold here in the winter but not as cold as the UK.

So what else is negative? When the laid back Spanish get behind the wheel of a car they change. From manana to rush, rush, rush, it can be frightening how close they drive behind you. On the plus side there is no road rage or beeping of horns.  They do not say please or thank you. (por favor or gracias)  but they always say good morning or afternoon (buenos dias or buenas tardes).
Too hot in July and August? it is a tad hot then with temperatures reaching the high thirties. Is that not why you came here?  It’s always the same too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, there is no pleasing some folk.  So the question is why go back to the UK and the rain and the cold and the expensive cost of living, car rage, the list goes on and on but it is your homeland and perhaps you are homesick or missing the kids and grand children, who knows, but good luck anywayas I am still here.

Hasta Luego