Harry in Spain

March 2021


Not all Scots are mad but I am



A few new sections have been added to IPTV As well as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + there is a new DISCOVERY+ section. Also for the ladies there is a Soap section. and near the bottom is Sky Originals. You will find them all in SERIES (Box Sets). These are all FREE of charge if you subscribed to the new IPTV.

The other day I noticed some buffering on certain programmes. So first I checked the ethernet cable was in correct, no change, then I did a speed check.OK. Then I switched off router and waited 20 seconds and switched back on. Guess what???? it stopped buffering, so it must have cleared the cache and gave me back full speed again. Hip hip hooray. it pays to switch off the router now and again to clear the cache. The internet suppliers don’t tell you this.

Important advise.


Yes we still have a few ex demo Android TV boxes with a full selection of TV and film apps.
A Deluxe IPTV service for one year all for one special price of just 149 Euros, (IPTV alone cost 120 EUROS). THAT MEANS THE BOX WHICH IS NORMALLY 189 EUROS YOU GET FOR 29 Euros. A bargain first come first served. Tel 966680541.
All boxes guaranteed. Perfect working order.

More special offers, Have Deluxe IPTV fitted to your box for one year and receive a mini keyboard and keypad mouse (worth 19.99) for 120 Euros.

MAG box with Deluxe IPTV for one year only 139 Euros, no one can match this price in Spain.

Special Mouse for Android boxes Just 8 Euros.
Ethernet Cables 3 meters long 5.99 Euros.

Please stay safe and well.


COVID19. Valencia have brought in new rules and restrictions on opening times and travelling around the Valencia region. I am not going into them as it would fill numerous pages. But my fear is we may soon go into lockdown again and as you recall last time it lasted nearly three months.

Why am I stating this you may ask. Well February last year we launched the new IPTV which was a great success with many clients joining the new launch. That means next month a lot of renewals will be required very soon. If we are in lockdow, we will not be able to carry out the renewals and clients will be left without UK and worldwide programmes.

So just in case. I respectfully request clients to renew their IPTV as soon as possible. It makes no difference as your next years subscription just adds on to the finishing date of your first years subscription. Also while stocks last we are giving FREE a mini keyboard with mouse pad (worth 19.99) to everyone getting their subscription to IPTV early.

Tha last thing I want is for clients phoning me and saying they have no television due to their subscription running out and no way of it being switched back on due to lockdown. So please act now.

If you aren’t sure when the subscription is due, give me a phone and I will look it up for you. I already have clients in the Murcia region, who are not allowed to travel, in this situation now. Sorry, we cannot re subscribe over the telephone, as the banks and card companies will not allow payment this way. Telephone 966680541 or 688611466 to make sure your IPTV does not run out.