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October 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Hi all

IPTV again is still not 100 percent but it is getting better day by day and hopefully soon will be back to normal. In case you did not know about it IPTV was hit due to a software company Xtreamz Codes who supplies software to the IPTV providers was raided by the police in Italy (were they are based) for tax evasion. Not IPTV.

So why are we all affected?  Because they provide and maintain the software of 95% of IPTV world wide, so they go nearly everything goes. Thats the reason but the providers of IPTV are now designing their own software and as I said they are all getting back slowly but surely.

They say be patient but easier said than done, patience is a virtue not many of us have.  

As a matter of interest we are not an IPTV provider, we just offer it as a service to clients who purchased a Net Box from us .From a provider saving you lots as normally the charges are 20 Euros a month. We charge approx 8 Euros saving 144 Euros a year. Yes some charge less on E Bay ha ha lasts a month if you are lucky.

 I sincerely hope all will be back soon as I to are am a user and missed my football.


Hi  All

A new update on IPTV.

Its good news , The programmes are slowly but surely coming back on line. Myself included as well as you thought, oh, oh what is going to happen now.  I am sure you all did.

Well thankfully it will not be long before all is back to normal. Just to inform everyone, I also have IPTV especially for sports and I have also been affected by it all and I am delighted it is all going to be back as I depend on the IPTV as well.

Unfortunately even I can not get a progress report in what is happening, all the providers keep telling me is   BE PATIENT.  If only I could.

I will try my best to keep you informed. Have a nice weekend.



Hi I cannot give hourly updates as the only way I know if something has changed is by looking at the channels. The supplier has told me once the lot are working they will e-mail me.

But I have noticed some are back already  Sports  207- 205 -204 and bein sports . I think they are doing it one at a time but I am not able to go through them all. Please do not  e-mail me for updates. If I see or are notified anything I will put it on here, if I see it.