Harry in Spain

January 2021


Not all Scots are mad but I am



This is Spain

Good morning everyone it’s going to be a lovely day here in the Costa Blanca, not a cloud in sight and the forecast is the same for the rest of the week with the temperature climbing into the high twenties and perhaps the thirties. What is so special about Spain? I can not put into words what is special about Spain, so I edited a short 4 minute video showing what goes on in Spain. The fiestas, fun, happiness, good food, weather, colourful, friendly, health and the 320 days of sun on average every year.

Coming on holiday? coming to stay permanently?  whatever,  you will love it, the climate, the people, the fab beaches and the life style it’s all worth a visit.

I will continue to bring you news on what Spain is like through my eyes as an ex-pat. The adventures and misadventures of my life in Spain. The places I visit, the life in Spain as I see it, good and bad. Keep watching and please send me your comments good and bad. Coming to Spain on holiday or thinking of residing in Spain?  Soon I will be giving away a free e-book on Information on Spain. But first you will need to send me your e-mail address ( I will not give it to anyone). As soon as it is ready I will   e-mail you it free of charge. e-mail me at harry@perspective-espana.com

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Fiesta In Alcoy.

Fiestas don’t come much bigger, more colourful or much louder than the Moors and Christians festival held in Alcoy,  Spain. It is held over three days and nights in April.

More than a hundred bands take part all being cheered and applauded and covered with confetti,  thrown from the buildings by thousands of onlookers from all over Europe. The only part I did not like was the queues of traffic when you arrive at Alcoy.  Park anywhere you can we were told by the very obliging policeman. Its all uphill or downhill depending which way you are going, but it’s worth it. Unfortunately I was with my wife and our friends Maurice and Ann who all walk a lot and are very fit . Me?  I am unfit and was in agony for three days after the fiesta, did I say it was worth it?  Next time training before going to a town like Alcoy which is all built on hills is a must.