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December 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Valencia Science Centre (Las Ciencias).

We visited the Valancia science centre and what a wow factor it has even before you go in the door. It is in different parts, las Ciencias,Expeiencia UNICA,  Oceanografic, Hemesferic and a large museo, (museum). It took us nearly a full day to see just half of it so I would advise you to go early and drink lots of water. below is just some of the hundreds of photographs we took. Next week I will put videos on the blog to let you have an idea how big the centre is.

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Still0617_00000WoW Street parties don’t come any bigger than thisIt was a very entertaining fiesta in the small village of Catral which certainly knows how to throw a party. It was wild, colourful, musical and a great night was had by all.

The parade had some hard to follow themes and they all danced away for hours on end. We gave up and left just before midnight but we were told it normally finished at about 5am at the earliest.


On the video you can see just some of the parade as it lasted for hours, they are all drinking from coca cola cups but we were informed it definitely was not coke.



Still0617_00007I was even invited inside a dummy tank and got the shock of my life when they started up what looked like a motor cycle engine and me and the other three guys inside started running inside the tank so we were not trampled by the wooden tank,

No video recording was made as I ran the fastest I have run for years and the language was terrible in English and Spanish .

They are crazy here in Spain but what a great night it was and we were made most welcome



Still0617_00000Catral is a small village with lots of bars, restaurants, shops and a lot of friendly Spanish people. It has a large market on a Saturday mainly fruit, vegetables and other foods.

You can also buy some very cheap summer clothes at unbelievable prices. If you are ever near it give it a visit. The food and the drink is cheap and as I said earlier there are lots of small bars serving food and drink and lunch time mena del dia ) a very cheap lunch and tappas.



Hey remember to log on later this week, you know I love gadgets, well I will be making a video of a Parrot drone quadro Helicopter from inside it and on the ground, you must see this gadget. It uses the IPad to control it. It is huge and looks intimidating when it flies near you, don’t forget.  OK I will e-mail you when it is put on, can’t wait.


                  Unusual Restaurant

This must be the most unusual restaurant I have ever seen, the design and décor are amazing and although I have not eaten there as yet (booking soon to go) I hear the food is excellent with all kinds of food being offered from steaks to fish and of course paella.














It is not an inexpensive restaurant as far as Spanish restaurants go, but it is one of the high class restaurants that is not in one of the major cities.  It’s castle like design on the outside does not prepare you for what’s inside.  The sheer ambiance is of the place makes you look in amazement.
 Where did the designer get his idea from. I can’t make my mind up if it’s futuristic or medieval, perhaps part of both, the photographs do not do it justice as the lighting which changes can only be caught by the human eye .



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