Harry in Spain

June 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Hola  This is a very special night for over 15,000 Scotland fans who are here tonight in Alicante.   Alicante Airport is used to seeing lots of Scots pass through on their way to Benidorm, but not to Alicante the city. Spain vs Scotland European football game is on tonight and the stadium seats 25,000 of which at least 15,000 of them will be from  Scotland. Plus the ex-pats will be there as well cheering on their home country.

The Spanish press do not understand this as Spanish football fans travel in there hundreds not thousands to away games. Alicante city will be thrilled at all these Scots spending their money and at the beaches in their kilts. The plus side for the Scots is the weather is grand with temperatures of 32 degrees and the sun is shining.

All I can say is come on Scotland do your best and show our team are as good as the fans.


Sorry I just could not resist showing a Scottish version of Ryanair called Highwayman in the Sky. Honest I like Ryanair ha ha its just they don’t like me. I hear all the moans and the groans from lots and lots of people. Where do I hear them?   On the Ryanair flight of course.

What the feck are they doing on the flight I ask myself. CHEAP FLIGHTS is the answer, so the guy is right but its the way I tell them says Mr O’Leary. There is no such thing as bad publicity. The video quality is rubbish but the words and music are pure brilliant (Glesga Patter).



One of the largest fiestas of its kind in Spain is held in Guardamar on the Costa Blanca South. It is watched by thousands from all over Europe.