Harry in Spain

November 2020


Not all Scots are mad but I am



Hi Everyone, hope you are all safe and well during this horrible pandemic (covid 19 Virus). It is an unpleasant time for us all , with not being able to go about our life normally. Also not being able to travel to see our family and friends.

I have been busy with lots of new and existing clients wanting our new Premium IPTV and keeping contact with the providers to make sure we have the best viewing possible.

Some new news from us, is that next week sometime ,we will be launching our new web site www.netbox.es.
Yes you may remember this site which was taken down by a very large TV company, a couple of years ago.

Well, we are back with our old web site with lots of new features and information for you to see. We will let you know when it is launched.

MEDIA LOUNGE has been updated, but I don’t think it is worth using it as there are too many updates and some programmes don’t work. TV Tap has also been updated , which is a good back up for IPTV but the quality is not anywhere near as good.

Just to let you know this web site www.harryinspain.co.uk will still bring you all the latest news and information for our clients.

So KEEP SAFE and well.



You will have noticed a sign in appearing on your screen. you have to change or edit the top line.

Please change the top line from   http://bestiptvuk.store:80      to     http://bestuk.me:80   then press sign in.

Do not change the other boxes.


Sorry for this interruption   If you can’t do this please telephone me and I will do it for you 966680541.

ONLY CHANGE THE TOP LINE PLEASE   http://bestuk.me:80

Please do not change  your e-mail address or password, which is not any password you know.


New You Tube Site.

Not much to report on the Net Box just now accept IPTV Catch UP has over 80 channels on it and increasing each week with new ones.
Our IPTV is a premium one with all the channels in high Definition when broadcast in HD.  Plus all the 3pm and other kick offs in Premier League 3pm and I Follow channel. This also has EPL live football as well plus Scottish premier league. Come and see it for yourself. Please telephone for an appointment.

You Tube Site.   If you are interested inSpain and places to see and visit, have a look at our new you tube site   LIFE IN SPAIN WITH HARRY at You Tube .com Lots and lots of videos of life in Spain. Remember to subscribe and like please.

Stay Safe.