Harry in Spain

April 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Latest new movies.

1 (1) Star Wars: Episode IX 6.8 / trailer
2 (…) The Invisible Man 7.4 / trailer
3 (4) 1917 8.4 / trailer
4 (2) Sonic The Hedgehog 6.8 / trailer
5 (3) Jumanji: The Next Level 6.9 / trailer
6 (…) The Hunt 6.4 / trailer
7 (7) Frozen II 6.7 / trailer
8 (…) Onward 7.6 / trailer
9 (8) Contagion 8.4 / trailer
10 (…) The Banker 6.9 / trailer


Thank God for the Net Box during this desperate time of the CO 19 virus.

Lockdown is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my lifetime. The worries, the boredom, the isolation and the fact you are confined to your house involuntary is against everything you came to Spain for and even the weather is terrible is terrible. ( not that we can go out or to the beach anyway).

Thankfully we have a great selection of Television to choose from. Latest Movies, Box Sets, Live TV, (I won’t mention sport) and World News. If you have the World Web Cams , you can also look at how the rest of the world is being affected by this flicking virus.

Hopefully this will help with the boredom and watching news from around the world will help you to protect against this virus.

Lastly , choice. You choose what you want to view, If you want, Good movies like the ones above. or box sets to catch up on what you missed. You don’t need to listen to bad news if you so wish. There are lots of feel good movies and box sets, comedy movies and comedy shows. Thats the great thing about the NET BOX. The choice is yours.

Just one last bit of news and unfortunately it is bad news.  The internet is being over-used just now as we are all in lockdown throughout the world.  People are at home, the kids have no school, these circumstances have never happened before. I have already lost my internet twice in the last few days and have noticed it getting slower, unfortunately. But with the rain and wind my satellite signal is not very good at all, with breaking up very bad.  Anyway the choice from your Net Box is far superior.

Well that’s all for now accept to say take care and keep healthy and please take care of yourself.



PS please let me know how you are all getting on. E-Mail me on   harry@netbox.es


Virus Threat.

Yes virus threat but not to your computer but to you personally.

I am very sorry, but we do not control the IPTV and when it runs out I have no way to delay this. If I could I would as we all need something to occupy us  with this nasty lockdown.  

It is the IPTV providers computers which cut the IPTV OFF when it is due for renewal.

The other problem is you cannot pay by card as the banks do not allow you to pay this way due to legal problems.

This creates a problem as we are in lockdown and this problem has never occurred before.

Lets all hope we will get over the virus problem soon and get on with our normal lives. Hoping you all keep well.



State Of Alarm is what they are calling it and it certainly is alarming me. I have never like most of you seen anything like this in my lifetime. It is made worst by the fact we are here in Spain and our families are mostly in the UK. I wish you all a safe a healthy next few months , as most of you reading this like me are in the high risk category with this virus.  I am not even going to mention it’s name as I fear we will all be affected by it in some way or another.  If for some reason your box is not working telephone me between 10am and 5pm and I will do my best to help you. As with the lockdown it is important to have someway of contact with the outside world and to stop you from getting bored.  There are lots of movies and box sets which I am sure you will all look at.

God Bless you all and keep you healthy.