Harry in Spain

August 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Live Lounge again.  Hi all, Unfortunately Live Lounge has updated to 8.07 but due to security reasons he has had to add a new `live Lounge altogether. Which means you have to delete the old one and add the new one.

See his web site  www.i4apps.co.uk   for further information.  If you purchased your box this year or had your box updated this year we can do it for you, just telephone with the date of purchase or update and we will give you an appointment to do it while you wait.

Want the best high quality TV pictures in HD and Catch Up, with EPG call us for a special deal on IPTV. Great sport with no or very little buffering.

 Tel 966680541  the best premium IPTV at the best price.


Sport For All

It is near that time of year with all the sport you can handle available on the NET BOX.  Yes Golf, Football, FI, rugby and all major sports are all coming for the new season.

Make sure your box has been updated for smooth buffer free viewing of your favourite sport. Think of the savings you are making from the same TV viewing in the UK. And that does not include Movies and latest box sets. Plus the other forms of entertainment available with your NET BOX.

Even if you choose to take IPTV with no stoping and buffering, catch up. EPG (electronic program guide) and superb HD viewing at less than 2 Euros per week and over 1400 channels.  Plus all the latest movies and thousands of box sets free.

It would cost you over £25 per week and more for less than what you get on a Net Box. The choice is yours, FREE to view or IPTV premium. That is what it is all about, CHOICE.

If you want to see premium IPTV working, give us a telephone call for your one to one demo on 966680541. This is the cheapest and best IPTV in Spain.


IPTV Information.

Hi All.  Hope the temperature is not to hot and muggy. I have found it very hot but unfortunately I have not been able to write much due to a chest infection which is now in its 5th week.  The worst ever and the heat does not help.

I don’t know if it has effected you but the IPTV service went down for an hour and we lost catch-up  It is now working but only 2 or 3 days at the moment. It will increase to seven days shortly.