Harry in Spain

July 2022


Not all Scots are mad but I am



                  Unusual Restaurant

This must be the most unusual restaurant I have ever seen, the design and décor are amazing and although I have not eaten there as yet (booking soon to go) I hear the food is excellent with all kinds of food being offered from steaks to fish and of course paella.














It is not an inexpensive restaurant as far as Spanish restaurants go, but it is one of the high class restaurants that is not in one of the major cities.  It’s castle like design on the outside does not prepare you for what’s inside.  The sheer ambiance is of the place makes you look in amazement.
 Where did the designer get his idea from. I can’t make my mind up if it’s futuristic or medieval, perhaps part of both, the photographs do not do it justice as the lighting which changes can only be caught by the human eye .



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Guadalest Revisited


On a nice sunny morning we decided to revisit Guadalest ( know by locals as the Eagles Nest) Just a short 50 minutes drive from our house.
We were joined by Maurice and Ann our friends or should I say we joined them as Maurice was driving.  They had never been before so it was a first visit for them. We arrived at 11am and the first stop was a nice little restaurant for coffee and sit on the open terrace and take in the stunning views of the valley below and the med in the distance.

There were very little tourist there as it was the 16th of May,  too early for most tourist. It was still busy though but not crowded. The view that has most people who see it for the first time (and say wal) is the turquoise reservoir, it is stunning and beautiful and the surrounding mountains reflect in the lovely waters. There are lots of shops, small bars, restaurants and museums,  Intriguingly the old village and castle is accessed through a tunnel carved from the rock and when you reach the other end and see the ancient houses, you seem to have been transported to another age.


The Eagles Nest.

Located on the CV-70, 25 km from Altea, is the village of Guadalest. Occupying one of the most stunning positions in Spain, this small village is precariously perched on the pinnacle of a granite mountain, giving fabulous views across the valley carved out by the River from which the village takes its name.

Getting to Guadalest by the twisting road that climbs ever upwards, passing through the village of Polop, is almost as spectacular as the position of the village, but the breath-taking views make the drive worthwhile even for the more nervous passengers!

On reaching Guadalest you can see why the Moors, who constructed castles to defend the area, considered this place a site of strategic importance.

Some of these castles were unconquerable and the remains of several can still be seen today, even though they were bombarded in the 18th century during the Spanish war of Succession.

Penon de la AlcalaHowever the building you will see on most of the postcards is the whitewashed bell tower of Penon de la Alcala which seems to cling to the mountain face.

Guadalest (The Eagles Nest)
A must visit village at the top of a mountain.





We spent a lovely day in Guadalest in the hot sun of April with temperatures reaching 28 degrees. This is the summer starting in Spain and with long hot days starting now we intend to travel about and sight see. Guadalest is a small town on the top of a mountain with a little over 200 inhabitants.

The views are stunning and the turquoise reservoir below is beautiful. There are lots of parking spaces and lots of tourist shops, restaurants and bars.
The castle at the top is a hefty climb up a lot of stepps but worth the visit.
The video below gives some views of the features and area.

El Castell de Guadalest, known usually as Guadalest, is a small town in
Valencia, in a mountainous part of the comarca of Marina Baixa, in the province
of Alicante, Spain. Guadalest covers an area of 16 sq km, and has a population
of around 200 inhabitants. Guadalest is approximately 25 kilometres inland from
Benidorm along CV-70 road.