April 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



On the beach in Spain can be great fun and good for topping up the tan.
On Monday 20th of August we went to Guardamar beach at the busiest time of the year as that is when all the Spanish from Madrid and other parts of Spain holiday in Guardamar.
Lifeguards were on duty to help swimmers in difficulty.

Guardamar, also known as Guardamar del Segura (and very often mis-spelt in a variety of ways; Guadamar, Gaurdamar, Guardamer, Guadarmar, Guardarmar, Guardarma and Guradamar), is a typical Spanish town which not only has some of the best beaches in Spain, it also has an excellent street market every Wednesday morning and some brilliant shops, bars and restaurants.
We were surprised to learn no matter how early you got to the beach it was always busy. Even at 9pm in the evening the beach was still bustling with swimmers, line dancing, volley ball and other water and beach sports. There was also lots of topless bathers and the latest craze men with man-kinis ( a bikini for men leaving nothing to the imagination) what on earth is this all about.  (no pictures don’t want baned).
Guardamar is the best beach we have ever been on. It is clean with lovely sand, stretches for miles. Has lots of shops, bars and restaurants. Above all it has lots of lifeguards on hand to give assistance if requiered.  It is busy but not as busy as the likes of Benidorm.  My 20 month old grand daughter loved it, especially the sand and the waves. The only cautious note is do not touch the jelly fish as they give a nasty sting.
Even though we live just 15 minutes from the beach it has been two years since we were last on a beach, it won’t be that long again as we had a great day. We even visited the beach one evening at 9pm and Holly and her dad went for a swim and said the water was very warm. Me? I went for a paddle. Someone has got to take the photos.
Enjoy the rest of the summer and live healthy and happy.

Hasta Luego