April 2021

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For several years Mobdro has been delivering live TV and VOD content to vast numbers of mobile and set-top devices, making it one of the most-loved pirate streaming apps out there. However, for the past several days the app has been out of action, with current and historic domains all non-functional, leaving large volumes of fans worrying that this could be the end.


With the rise of cheap set-top boxes and mobile devices several years ago, millions of TV fans dived into the world of Kodi. Entirely legal in official format, Kodi can be augmented with unofficial addons, providing access to a universe of movie and TV show content without paying a penny.

Alongside this boom, a market emerged for stand-alone software applications that work straight out of the box, without any technical knowledge needed. This click-and-play format proved popular, with software such as Popcorn Time, Showbox and Terrarium TV attracting millions of eyeballs.

One of the most popular tools to emerge was Mobdro, an Android-based software application focusing on TV content from around the world. Live TV, sports channels and 24/7 content were all available on Mobdro, providing an easy-to-use solution for anyone capable of installing it. With countless fans, Mobdro was a big success but during the past few days it became clear that Mobdro has serious problems.

Mobdro Disappears Without Warning

It is not uncommon for piracy-based sites and services to disappear offline for a while. Problems with sources, hosting and domain names can all cause issues. Indeed, over the years Mobdro has hopped to additional domains too, from Mobdro.com and Mobdro.sc, to Mobdro.bz more recently.

This instability can cause problems for people looking to download the app but issues with the underlying streams are more immediately noticeable to users. Cries that Mobdro is no longer working are abundant on Twitter but to date there has been no official announcement from the developer behind the streaming tool.

Unfortunately, emails sent to the last known address bounced. There are some theories floating around though, which look credible on first view but don’t seem to provide the necessary answers.

With the end of one of the oldest Apps in the business, does this signal the end of the free Apps? Who knows but thank goodness for IPTV which has always been the best value for quality and content. Happy viewing.