February 2019
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Last Chance IPTV deal.

Sorry folks but after this weekend the special deal for our Premium IPTV finishes. So if you want the special offer phone us anytime this weekend and we will keep the special offer open for you.

What is IPTV, just have a look back on the blog and see what it is all about. It is not just any IPTV it is our own special Premium IPTV with not only no buffering but nearly all live programmes in High Definition super quality, just as if you were watching a satellite transmission live.  Also a selection of the best and latest cinema releases and hundreds of boxed sets TV programmes you may have missed. all this for 89 euros and this includes your box being reset and re-programed with all the latest APKs.

Saving you aprox 80 euros. It is a no brainer if you want top quality live TV and the latest movies.  The price alone for IPTV will be 129 euros and 40 euros to have your box updated (169 euros). If you are unsure still, come in for a demo next week and we will hold the price down for you, but please telephone soon.

1400 live TV channels in great quality at less than 2 Euros per week, you won’t find cheaper anywhere  or as good quality as our Premium IPTV. Plus all the movies and boxed sets you can watch and of course we have all the free APKs as well giving you thousands of programmes and choice.  We have been going in Spain for over 7 years and are here permanently,  not in a market stall or pub and we don’t ask you to sign bank direct debits or contracts or give us personal details. Come and get a demo of our Premium IPTV now no obligation, just tell your friends how good it is if you agree with us.