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February 2018
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 WHY Harry In Spain ?  If you are on holiday or residing in Spain I can help you. In the last 10 years I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly side of Spain.  It is no easy feat to up your roots from your own country and settle down in another country, no matter how good the weather is and how friendly the locals are.  There are all sorts of problems to overcome, the language of course is the most difficult, with a very steep learning curve.  Yes a lot of Spanish people speak other languages but the most important people ie. town halls, police and doctors, prefer not to talk any language other than their own. You can’t blame them as it is their country you are in. Give them the courtesy of trying to communicate in their own language.

Myself and my wife have lived in Spain 10 years now and Margaret is quite fluent in Spanish. I am still taking lessons twice a week and slowly but surely getting there. It is difficult speaking another language, especially if you never learnt any other language than your native tongue.

Bureaucracy is a major problem here in Spain, they have so many forms to fill in that make life difficult at every corner. With lots of corruption and bribery in most town halls and cities it’s who you know and how much to speed up the process. Yes this happens all over the world but not to the scale it is here. But once you get the hang of the system it gets better and.easier. It’s all about paperwork and lots of it, just wait till you receive your receipt from the local supermarket. It’s about half a meter long, offering you all kinds of bargains the next time you visit. What a waste of good trees.

If you have the correct knowledge and good advice you will overcome all this and studying the culture and regulations will help a lot.  It is a great country to live in, the people are so friendly and helpful and there is all the nice weather. Our friends noticed after three days rain here how sad and depressed it made them and they said “can you imagine how you would feel if you were in the UK and had month after month of this weather” an interesting thought.

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