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February 2018
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Welcome to  the adventures and misadventures of Harry in Spain.
This is the new landing page which lets you chose either the blog or up to date information on Spain.  The blog was started in September 2011 and we are nearing 200 blogs with photographs and videos on information on Spain and whats going on in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.

We have now been living in Spain for nearly 12 1/2 years, Margaret my wife now speaks excellent Spanish and teaches Spanish to ex-pats.  I am still studying the language and if asked do I speak Spanish I say POCO  (a little).  In my twelve years in Spain I have seen a lot of changes some for the good and some not so good. When we came here most shops were Spanish and very few spoke English, it was difficult to communicate but we got there and the Spanish people always tried to help make things easier.

Spanish people
Spanish people in general are very friendly
and appreciate if you try to speak some Spanish, most people know how to ask for a drink and that’s it.  Sad is it not, if the immigrants in the UK spoke to us in their native tongue, what would we say as we don’t know a word of it.  Learning Spanish is not easy, especially if you don’t speak any other language for by your own. It is just a matter of having lessons and repeating what you have learnt and trying it out no matter how much or how little you know.

One thing I Learnt quickly is the Spanish love their fiestas and there is always a fiesta going on in some town or village, so join in you will be welcome and they know how to have a party. They love fireworks and loud ones at that, be prepared for a lot of noise.


Street markets  are another part of the Spanish culture and all the local towns and villages have a street market on different days so that you will always find a street market seven days a week somewhere.


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