Welcome to  the adventures and misadventures of Harry in Spain.
  This blog was started in September 2011 and we are nearing 200 blogs with  information on Spain and whats going on in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.

We have now been living in Spain for nearly 17 years, Margaret my wife now speaks excellent Spanish and teaches Spanish to ex-pats.  I am still studying the language and if asked do I speak Spanish I say POCO  (a little).  In my 17 years in Spain I have seen a lot of changes some for the good and some not so good. When we came here most shops were Spanish and very few spoke English, it was difficult to communicate but we got there and the Spanish people always tried to help make things easier.

Spanish people in general are very friendly and appreciate if you try to speak some Spanish, most people know how to ask for a drink and that’s it.  Sad is it not, if the immigrants in the UK spoke to us in their native tongue, what would we say as we don’t know a word of it.  Learning Spanish is not easy, especially if you don’t speak any other language for by your own. It is just a matter of having lessons and repeating what you have learnt and trying it out no matter how much or how little you know.

One thing I Learnt quickly is the Spanish love their fiestas and there is always a fiesta going on in some town or village, so join in you will be welcome and they know how to have a party. They love fireworks and loud ones at that, be prepared for a lot of noise.


Street markets  are another part of the Spanish culture and all the local towns and villages have a street market on different days so that you will always find a street market seven days a week somewhere.

Some of the best beaches in the world are on the Costa Blanca Coast. With an average 320 days a year of sunshine it is a swimmers paradise. The Mediterranean has lots to offer, safe blue flag beaches, with all the facilities you would expect, toilets, showers, cafe bars and water sports. They can be busy but not overcrowded and most have lifeguards. There is a choice of two airports with a third opening next year. Holiday makers not only choose to come out for one or two weeks, but due to cheap flights being available some come for long weekends as well. Food and drink is still much cheaper than most other European countries.


One of the largest fiestas of its kind in Spain is held in Guardamar on the Costa Blanca South. It is watched by thousands from all over Europe.

Sorry I just could not resist showing a Scottish version of Ryanair called Highwayman in the Sky. Honest I like Ryanair ha ha its just they don’t like me. I hear all the moans and the groans from lots and lots of people. Where do I hear them?   On the Ryanair flight of course.

What the feck are they doing on the flight I ask myself. CHEAP FLIGHTS is the answer, so the guy is right but its the way I tell them says Mr O’Leary. There is no such thing as bad publicity. The video quality is rubbish but the words and music are pure brilliant (Glesga Patter).

A magical day and a trip down to Cabo de Palos. Sea food restaurants in abundance, with lobster on the breakfast menu and the smell of fresh fish as never before smelt.  The views take your breath away, the colourful villas and apartments, The number of people out for a leisurely walk was amazing, grandads, grandmas, mums and dads with the kids too. Old men smoking their pipes and watching the world go by very slowly and enjoying life at a stress free pace.

The divers all putting on their gear (how they get into those suits I will never know). All shapes and sizes with a smile on their faces looking forward to the great adventure in these warm waters and no sharks, it can’t get better.  The small boats leaving the harbour with the divers to take them to destinations where there are old wrecks below the warm mediterranean ocean. Perhaps a lost treasure or just a small colourful fish who knows and who cares.

We are feeling thirsty and hungry now so we will visit one of the small restaurants and order a toastado and marmalada with zumo de naranja (toast with marmalade and fresh orange juice) and sit like the old men and take in the lifestyle of Cabo de Palos. Don’t you feel jealous? Have a great week.  Hasta Luego. 

Cabo de Palos is a charming seafront village with a unique 19th century lighthouse and two delightful beaches.

The Costa Calida begins at El Mojon, an old fishing village with a superb beach. A short distance from El Mojon you will find the Regional Park of Las Salinas y Arenales de San Pedrodel Pinatar, the most important wetlands in the region ofMurcia. Flocks of pink flamingos rest here every year.

Here there are saltworks which date back to the Romans that feature a complex network of pools. From Torrevieja take the road to San Pedro del Pinatar and visit the Casa del Reloj on the San Sebastian Farm and around two kilometres away is Lo Pagan, a town with the largest area of open-area mud baths inEurope. The mud baths are recommended for all kinds of skin complaints.


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