December 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am




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LIVE LOUNGE BACK.  Yes that was a lot quicker than we thought. There are some small issues still to be fixed, but I am sure they will be soon.

Remember there are always back ups for every channel, so you will always find plenty of choice with your Net Box.

Please help us by checking your internet before telephoning us as the past two weeks we have had a few complaints about losing programmes and all along clients had internet drop outs or low signal.

We do not have any control over your internet service and cannot help you to fix the problem. We provide a service that allows you to use your own internet to locate live television and movies plus box sets from developers who put them on the internet for you to view.  These developers for legal reasons do not give out their whereabouts or contact details to anyone and are not contactable.

We do not supply or put up any programmes ourselves or maintain these sites.  Most developers do this for free on their own time.

Thank you




What is this all about?   We have more than 18 different movie channels giving you more choice than most boxes and all FREE with no monthly or annual charge.

Yes 18 Plus channels dedicated to movie channels and boxed sets.  What a selection and what a choice.

When Terrarium pulled the plug everyone thought their choice was limited.

Oh no it was not. We have two direct replacement channels for Terrarium and another stack of new ones.

See the list below, no one else gives so much choice.

CYBERFLIX              (NEW)        (Same as Terrarium)                                          
MOVIE BOX RED    (NEW)        (Same as Terrarium)                                                                           
COTO MOVIES        (NEW)                                        
MEDIA BOX HD      (NEW)                                     
MOVIE HUNT          (NEW)                                        
JET BOX                    (NEW)                                                    
LATEST MOVIES    (NEW)                                    
TV ZION                    (NEW)
CROWN LITE          (NEW)
CINEMA HD            (NEW)
BOB MOVIES          (NEW)


Internet in Spain.

I live in Spain which most of you know and I think Spain is a great place to live. What with the warm weather and the fab beaches and lower prices on the majority of purchases. Well you see what I mean.

But not all is good?  Take internet for example. Until very recently we all had our internet to our house by micro dish or standard telephone cable and download speeds of between 2 and 10 MB was common. Now a lot of us (including myself have FIBER, with speed up to 300MB  WOW. Great?   

Not as good as I was led to believe. In Spain with electricity spikes and our internet, even at high speeds dropping now and again, we have drop outs.  Not that important with e-mails and the like but with streaming videos it can be a nightmare.

Not ideal as you could miss a goal in football, an important bit in a live broadcast, who knows what and it is annoying as well.  Satellite is better? (even although it costs a fortune and is affected by bad weather) and add to that can you get it here in Spain in the first place?

Although living in Spain is great, we need to find out , what is going on in the world and there are times (lots of them) when there is to much sun and we get bored with it and need to watch our favourite TV programmes, so a lot of people tell me (we are creatures who need our comforts). Like fish and chips, Sunday dinners, etc.

And we like to grumble (like I am just now) not everything can be perfect. Don’t believe anyone who tells you your TV viewing will be perfect, no buffering at all, fantastic 4K quality,  yes it is a lot better than it was just a few months ago but still not perfect. Yes they say it will be perfect soon (pigs will fly).

Hey I sell these boxes what am I doing?  But I like to be honest and I am not your usual salesman. I know and so do many others that it is far better than paying over one hundred pounds a month plus other costs for less than we get just now, with a Sky package, with old movies and only Sky sports and not live football on Saturday afternoons.  Believe it or not a lot of people did not know that Sky are not allowed to show live football on Saturday afternoons or the latest cinema releases. Why? copy-write.

But I honestly believe the Net Box is the best box available and the best value for money with thousands of programmes and latest cinema releases available. Plus all the sports you want. (Don’t tell the wife)

Lets hope Spain gets better electric supply and steadier internet, or am I dreaming ha ha.  You can’t get everything you want but I will settle for what I get just now as 15 years ago we got a lot less than we get now.

I like my home comforts like the rest of you and I do like the weather here and the lifestyle, so have a great day. Hasta Luego


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