January 2021

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COVID19. Valencia have brought in new rules and restrictions on opening times and travelling around the Valencia region. I am not going into them as it would fill numerous pages. But my fear is we may soon go into lockdown again and as you recall last time it lasted nearly three months.

Why am I stating this you may ask. Well February last year we launched the new IPTV which was a great success with many clients joining the new launch. That means next month a lot of renewals will be required very soon. If we are in lockdow, we will not be able to carry out the renewals and clients will be left without UK and worldwide programmes.

So just in case. I respectfully request clients to renew their IPTV as soon as possible. It makes no difference as your next years subscription just adds on to the finishing date of your first years subscription. Also while stocks last we are giving FREE a mini keyboard with mouse pad (worth 19.99) to everyone getting their subscription to IPTV early.

Tha last thing I want is for clients phoning me and saying they have no television due to their subscription running out and no way of it being switched back on due to lockdown. So please act now.

If you aren’t sure when the subscription is due, give me a phone and I will look it up for you. I already have clients in the Murcia region, who are not allowed to travel, in this situation now. Sorry, we cannot re subscribe over the telephone, as the banks and card companies will not allow payment this way. Telephone 966680541 or 688611466 to make sure your IPTV does not run out.


Hey guys, just a little warning about your annual subscription. If it is due soon, I strongly recommend having it done now as Covid is rain its ugly head with a new variant strain which is a lot more contagious . Today January 5th the Valancia region announced new restrictions. Some of the are, all bars and restaurants have to close at 6pm and the curfew is now 10pm. You are still not allowed to enter or leave the Valencia Region.

Whats next? hopefully we will not enter full lockdown again but a lot of other countries are doing so, including the UK. But Spain may do so and that means updating your IPTV or box will not be possible , as we need the box here to do it.

So my advice is to have your IPTV updated sooner rather than waiting till its run out. But don’t worry if you add another years subscription it will add to what date you have left, so you do not loose anything. Plus all IPTV upgraded just now will receive free of charge a mini keyboard with mousepad with our compliments (normal cost price 19.99€.) So it is worthwhile upgrading your IPTV just now. Or if you have IPTV fitted to your box purchased rom us in the last 3 years you will also get the free gift.

Free Gift see above for details.

For a FREE demo of the IPTV at our studio contact HARRY at Tel 966680541 Here is just a few of the pluses with IPTV. All live channels in Full High Definition, all live sports including 3pm football. Catch up on over 80 channels, Electronic Programming Guide, Lates Cinema Movies, Thousands of Box Sets, Thousands of live TV channels, and the list goes on and on. See a demonstration, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh I nearly forgot . may I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and I hope 2021 is better than last year for everyone. STAY SAFE.


Hey will soon be 2021 and hopefully the end of COVID soon as it has been horrendous year due to it. But life goes on and TV viewing gets better here in Spain and elsewhere in the World. Life would be boring no matter where you are if all you had to watch were repeats all the time. Yes some repeats are worth watching but not some of the rubbish ones they keep showing every year time and again, and again. Thank god for equipment like Net Box and the excellent IPTV, there is lots more choice and selection. So let 2021 be an enjoyable Television experience with us all.

New films. A selection of some of the new releases available. Have a look at the trailers to see if you like these type of films. Just a small selection as there are hundreds more. For an overview please look up the fils and box sets.

Wonder Woman. – Honest Thief. – Greenland . Tenet. – Fatman. – Wander. – No Good Deed.

Lots of new Box Sets available (series)

Person of Interest. – The Mandalorian. – Next. Your Honour. – The Frog. – The Good Doctor

There are thousands of box sets and movies from the latest cinema releases to old black and white movies. Don’t forget the box sets great series of old and new box sets.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or suggestions. All welcome.


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