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“Costa Blanca” (White Coast).
Is the name of the 200 km long coastline . We find many wide sandy beaches as small coves and beautiful landscapes with palm groves, wetlands and several nature parks.

The climate, has over 300 days of sunshine every year and an annual average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, with lots of tourist facilities that can be found along the coast and some of the most fantastic beaches in Europe.

The name “Costa Blanca” was invented in 1957 by the airline “British European Airways”, which advertised their flights from the UK to Spain with this slogan. The name will not be surprising for anyone who has seen an aerial view of the coast from the air: the white sand beaches, rock formations and small villages with whitewashed houses form an impressive contrast to the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

In the northern part of the coast there is Denia, Javea, Calpe, with its massive rock formations, in the south of it there are the artist’s paradise Altea, Albir, as well as the touristic center of the coast, Benidorm, with incredible leisure facilities and nightlife. Passing Cala Finestrat and El Campello the way leads on to the capital of the province, Alicante and furthe South of Alicante there are Santa PolaGuardamar del SeguraTorrevieja and Pilar de Horadada. When hiring a car most of these towns and areas can be reached in just over one hour.  Giving you lots to see as well as lots of sandy beaches.

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In Crevillent,  history, legend and spectacle came together in a celebration full of sparkle and fantasy to commemorate events that took place in the 13th century.

The festival of Moors and Christians is one of the most important events of the year in Crevillent. The festival dates back to the 16th century and commemorates a battle which was fought in 1276. This was when there were many Muslim-held territories of Spain. There were frequent skirmishes between the two factions until, on 23 April 1276, the Christian army won the battle, forcing the Muslims to retreat and never to return.



Every year all over Spain the towns are decked out in the style of the Middle Ages to celebrate the events. On the  day, there is a spectacular procession of Moors and Christians: the different groups that make up each army march majestically through the streets resplendently attired in their elaborate costumes. Thousands  of people take part in this highly popular event.




Crevillent holds many such parades during the one week celebration, these being so large that the parades are split into different days. One for the Moors and another for the Christians Then finally a battle in the streets with both sets enacting the battle which took place, guns and canons can be heard for miles. I am assured that no one is hurt during the battle.  The streets are lined with thousands of families from great granddad to the great grand child and visitors come from all parts of the world to se this noisy and colourful event.

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The video below is a short tour of the  centre, we will be showing a video on the Valencia Science Centre soon.


 Valencia is full of beautiful buildings and churches, there are many squares were people meet for a chat,  a snack or just for a cool drink and watch the world go by you cannot help but relax in this atmosphere.

The Spanish way of life can even be seen in a large city such as Valencia.  There are numerous places to dine from a small tapas to an expensive meal with a bottle of very special wine.  The atmosphere is amazing mixing with the locals and tourist, you can of course tell the tourist a mile away.  You do not see any lager louts or loud mouth drunks around here. 

You get the feeling of an up-market city without the expensive costs that come with it.  It is a tiny bit more expensive than the normal Spanish towns and villages but it is worth it just to sample the ambience all around you. We had a meal with peices of steak you cook yourself on a hot stone with a huge salad to go with it and of course a selection of home-made bread. 


This cost us less than 15 euros per person not bad for quality food and a high quality restauran


We also had a violinist to entertain us who was excellent. We finished with my favourite ice cream, wow that was delicious.  Most bars and restaurants get busy from 9pm and stay open till late.  The shops also stay open till late and of course there are lots of food places for take away open all night.  It also felt very safe to walk about, not like Madrid or Barcelona.



Hope you enjoy the video.

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