September 2020
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Since Roman times the Spanish horse been the choice for the great rulers of the world. They are also the foundation of the breeding stock in the USA. The Spanish horse has been in great demand as very prized gifts for the European monarchs and the very rich.

The Spanish people pride themselves in their horses and a lot of culture and tradition surround the Spanish horse, to appreciate this we have to go to the country and witness this.  Every weekend you will see many horsemen and horsewoman showing the skills and beauty of their horse. Nearly all fiestas have horses in the parade all colourfully dressed for the occasion.  The Spanish people are extremely proud of their horses as it part of their tradition and everyday life.



Hola buenos dias.
I am ashamed to admit I can’t speak Spanish after being in Spain eight and a half years. I put it down to the fact I can’t speak English that well either.(preterite tense, what the heck is that). Margaret speaks Spanish very well and converses with it all the time. Me poco poco.  Tonight is my second lesson at Spanish and I do not have an excuse as the teacher does not speak English and I have to learn the way the kids do by listening and repeating. (I am just a big kid anyway) It is not easy listening to someone when you only understand about one word in ten he is saying. So my second lesson is tonight and I am going back for more.  We have ben told the class starts off with 30 pupils, but after one month only half will be there.

There are students from the UK, Germany, Morroco, Denmark and France, all learning Spanish by just listening.  You have to be fast at using a dictionary as well as writing down the words. But spelling is my bad point but not so with Spanish as they spell it like it sounds with a few exceptions  ( I thought so )
I will let you know how I get on in a new post in the future.

Now what a lot of problems there are for poor people with Blackberry phones.  Reading my grandson,s face book (Jamie) he wrote saying when he heard that Blackberry went down for a second time yesterday, he said oh no and was worried then he realised he had a Nokia phone, he then burst out laughing.( What no iPhone? ). Jamie is my oldest grandson and is a master vehicle mechanic. Why vehicle? he repairs large heavy goods trucks and knows everything about all kinds of cars and lorries there is to know. Hey he has being doing it since he was four in his grandfathers business ( not me his other grandfather). but what I want to know is how he pulls the girls as he always has lovely girl friends.

Well the Scottish football fans are away home now and even although they got beaten by a far better Spanish team they are still upbeat about how we will be back next time, brave heart indeed. The weather is still surprisingly very hot with the thermometer reaching 37 yesterday. The beaches are still full of people lapping up the sun and the med.
I am still watering the plants every night and the rose bushes are out in full bloom for a third time this year.

Hats Luego