February 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Net Box


Android TV Updates.

Hola Amigos, hope you enjoyed the football last night, I did as I could not loose. A UK team versus a Spanish team and with me living in Spain amongst Real Madrid supporters I was neutral for once. I felt sorry for the Liverpool fans who were heartbroken due to two bloomers from their goalkeeper. But one fantastic goal from a Welshman made the big difference.

Anyway enough of football just now especially with the world cup coming along shortly we will have enough footie on TV soon.

This week has  seen a lot of updates especially for Live Lounge and Showbox. Did you update yours?  I hope you did as it was simple. Just say yes to update and say instal, thats it easy. There was also another few updates. Remember to always update the Apps.

Adios Amigos.


UK TV is now called TV TAP . Don’t ask me why? So when you update the channel it will change to the new name.
It does not look like the update has any other changes.

Remember if you want to view our IPTV, working, just give us a call and bring in your box and we will give you a free trial with no obligation and no charge. 


Hi all ,   there are lots Of New Movies in all the movie channels.

Have a look at the movie channels especially Showbox and Terrarium there are a lot of new movies for you to see, perhaps because there is a lull in the football scene till the world cup comes along.

Some fab movies to choose from and most in HD quality. My favourite is the Greatest Showman. I don’t normally like musicals but this one has  a true story and really good music.

Overboard ,  Ready Player One, Terminal, Skyscraper, Rampage, Black Panther are just a few with good write ups that are now on the channels. But remember for by Terrarium and Showbox we have Megabox, Cartoon HD, One Box and many more movie channels perhaps in your APPS folder.

Also don’t forget this weekend the European Championship, Real Madrid vs Liverpool is on a lot of channels.