June 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am



Box Sets are a big headache for me as there are aprox  32,000 of them and people ask where do I get ——– boxed set.

I honestly don’t know and there is no way without going through all the movie channels could I find out.  But I wish people would take the time to look for them as I just don’t have the time or patience to do it for them.

Yes it was easier when we had Terrarium as he kept them up to date with a lot of work and at his expense. Is it no wonder he called it a day?  I felt sorry for him.

There  are at least 10 or 12 movie channels all with box sets and there are thousands of them. I keep saying this but I do not have any say in what is put on them and no way of contacting as they must stay in the background for very obvious reasons.

They do a great job unpaid in most cases. And we do not thank them as we are used to free TV now and do not have a TV license to pay for or the very high prices of an outdated Sky movies and others.  

So please have a look around and see if your favourite show or box set is available.


Talking of which here are some of my favourite box sets  THE GOOD DOCTOR, now season two is out.
Did you miss THE BODYGUARD well have no fear all 6 episodes are on box sets.
JACK RYAN is a great show and all 8 episodes is available now.
Another great show with all episodes available is DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.
a brand new series of the first trip to Mars by humans, not seen it yet but heard it is very good.

Well if you look you will find good box sets (know was TV Shows) But remember not every boxed set is thereabout nearly every one.  Think how much time the developers spent on these box sets, Years and Years.