January 2021

Not all Scots are mad but I am





Orihuela holds one of the largest medieval market in Spain and this years was bigger than last years. Adults and children were catered for with attractions for all to see. Stalls selling everything from live pigs, ducks, toys, sweets, cakes, fresh food and of course there were the usual eating venues all with entertainment and music.

Knights in shining armour were seen riding with their lovely horses, belly dancers, musical groups, camel and horse riding for the kids and adults alike. What I liked most about the market was the smells and aromas going about the place from the barbeques and roasts being cooked on the streets.

It was like going back in time a couple of centuries ago. The stall holders were dressed in authentic costumes and from several countries as well as Spain. There were lots of traditional Spanish, Turkish and Moorish foods and drinks available. It was colourful, exotic with lively music everywere, there was different things to see around every corner. We spent over 4 hours and still did not manage to see everything as the market is placed around the old part of Orihuela with it’s very narrow streets and lanes.

This is the fourth year in a row we have visited the market and it has been different every year and believe it or not we bumped into some Scottish friends who were also enjoying visiting the medieval market. It is a shame that not many non Spanish people know about this traditinal fiesta held every year, then again I am glad as it was very busy the way it was with thousands of happy and intrigued people enjoying themselves with some hot red wine and some tasty barbeques. We look forward to going back next year.

 Hasta Luego.


Just three days till Christmas and the shops are still quiet here in Spain. It’s still nice and sunny and temperatures still at 22 degrees. Just not Christmas at all. You would thik that after 8 years here we would be used to it, but not at all. Last year we were in Ireland and stuck in Dublin airport due to snow going to Glasgow for Christmas. This year we are staying in Spain and wishing we were in Scotland, but thanks to Ryanair and the cutbacks we could not go.

We were at the last Spanish lesson before Christmas and we all had to take something from our country to eat or drink. We took shortbread and Bars Irn Bru traditions from Scotland, the German student brought an assortment of cakes and hot wine from a flask, the Belgiun students had Champaign, the English had cakes and the Spanish had white wine and traditional cakes and sweets. A good time was had by all and if you speak a little Spanish you will understand what is being said in the video below.


Semana Santa in Alicante during April, the summer is coming back and the temperature is warming up just nice. It is time for the large parades and fiestas to celebrate this very special week in the Spanish calendar.

We call it Easter and we give presents of Easter eggs to the children, in Spain it is a religious occasion and they celebrate it somewhat different.