January 2020
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Not all Scots are mad but I am




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“Star Trek Picard”  what on earth is this you may ask?

In my last blog I told you about the new update for CINEMA HD.
I have more new news.

Not only has it a fantastic movie selection and box sets but it also has a NETFLIX selection, AMAZON  and HULU films and box sets.  

This is the best choice I have seen in 12 years. Nearly every movie ever made and so many box sets, I don’t think anyone could count them.

This APP must now take the number one slot from CYBERFLIX. Be sure and try out CINEMA HD 2.1.6 when you can.

Just to make things even better. If you are a Treky fan just like me, then here is marvellous news. The New Star Trek Picard series is out in full HD now, all 10 episodes. Am I a happy chappy today. Captain Picard is back in an all new series.

Hey its Christmas all over again.



Cinema HD Update.

Hi All

CINEMA HD has updated to 2.1.6 and they have made it easier to use with a lot more sources.  

Lots of people on the internet are mentioning that Cyberflix is buffering a lot. If so use CINEMA HD for a better experience.

1917 a new cinema release is now in HD on CINEMA HD This is up for 7 BAFTA awards.


Movies One Click

Are you fed up with how long it takes for a movie to start. YES well you want these to use these two movie channels which are new and are just one click and they play.

No waiting for a list of sources to choose from. These two channels choose the best source and play within a few seconds and they are nearly all superior HD quality as well.  

For long enough I have been waiting for this to happen and at last two programmers have came up with the solution. Lets hope more start to do this.  

The programmes are MORPHIX  and  THEATRE PLUS.  

Both have the latest Cinema Movies and a huge selection of Box Sets.  Well done guys.

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