June 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am




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Net Box News 8.

Bad news our special deal for PREMIUM IPTV ends next week.

For 89 euros we will update your box giving you all the latest and newest APPS and APKS. Strip your box of all cookies and wasted memory (which may be slowing your box down) and adding our new PREMIUM IPTV with 1400 channels in full HD with no or very little buffering or down time.

All the UK TV programmes, all the sports including football and with the biggest collection of movies from our super movie and boxed sets collection.  Normal cost 99 euros plus updating box 40 euros a saving of 50 euros. Phone now to come and see the new set up. Tel 966680541 or 688611466. The price goes back up June 30th.


Latest Net Box News 7.

Hola Everyone, whats new?   Well this is the time for the block busters to come out and compete with the world cup.

Just out and in full HD are the following movie blockbusters.

Black Panther.
Tomb Raider (new)
Escape Plan 2
Game Night
Den of Thieves
Jurassic World (new)
Spiderman Homecoming
Ready Player One

All these and more are available now. Ladies no need to watch the World Cup, lots of movies and boxed sets for you. That is if you can get the TV off the guys.

For the guys , all the World Cup matches in full HD available.

As usual choice for everyone.



Boxed Sets For You.

Wow what a selection of boxed sets are available on the Net Box, literally thousands and thousands of them.

Some of my favourites are

GAME OF THRONES of course, the number one program world wide, I just love the wee man, don’t you. What a great actor. Eagerly waiting on series eight to come.  

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR is also one not to miss.

SUITS with a famous actress who marries a prince recently.

BILLIONS big money and big characters in it,

SAFE wow this is a cruel one with the plot changing so often, you just can’t look away for a moment.

THE CROSSING is this possible, time travel in reverse, another great plot.

DEXTER a detective who has a big secret.

And there are lots more, including all your old favourites some 18 years long series.

You would have to watch 24 hours 365 days for the rest of your lifetime and a few others to view them all.

Please let me know your favourite box set, I won’t give your name or information,      

e-mail me at  [email protected]

I would love to hear from you.  Also any good movies you have seen recently.  

Thanks,   Harry

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