April 2020
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Algar Water Falls

We had a trip to Algar Falls, heard a lot about them but in our nine years in Spain never visited them.  The journey was less than one and a half hours to the falls and the weather was very hot and sunny.  We never took any swim wear as we did not know what to expect when we got there. Perhaps on hind-site we should have taken swim gear.

The Algar Falls locally known as the Les Fonts de L’Algar or Fuentes Algar are located on the Algar River near Callosa on the Costa Blanca in Spain. If you are a tourist staying in the sea side resorts of Benidorm, Altea, Calpe and Villajoyosa then The Algar Falls make for a good day out as they are only a short thirty minute drive away. The Algar Falls Benidorm have been featured on an episode of the popular television series Bendidorm.

When we arrived at the Algar Falls we had to pay to park the car as well as a small fee of €4 to enter the park which is used to maintain the bridges and trails throughout the natural reserve. It is quite a hike up some steep steps so sturdy foot wear instead of flip flops are more suitable. Once we had reached the falls and the pools you can relax and just enjoy the scenery. The whole Algar Falls area is protected and there is a large amount of plants, herbs and trees in this natural park.

You can take a picnic or a barbeque in the designated areas in the park and swim in the pools of the Algar Falls too which remain refreshingly cool even in the heat of the summer.

You can even set up camp at the Algar Falls. Restaurants at the Algar Falls offer a full range of menus. The nearest of the restaurants is the Font del Moro Restaurants which is located at the first lot of waterfalls. Additionally there are the Algar de Don Juan Casa Marces, La Cascada and Casa Marcos which are located along the road side with car parks for cars and coach tours which frequently visit the area.

Even though we did not swim in the Falls, we had a good time, I asked some adult swimmers how was the water and they said fresh to cold, but they were all enjoying themselves.It’s worth the small entrance fee and as long as your reasonably fit the walk and the stairs are easy to climb.