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Media Lounge 2.2

Yes you have read the above correctly Media Lounge is now 2.2 and the programer has made it you have to delete the old one 2.1 first. Why I don’t know as most other updates you just press update and then install and thats it done. I for one am now so fed up with Media Lounge (formerly Live Lounge) it is not worth the hassle. People complain to me regular about this, but I do not have any control of the programmes , they are all free and come directly to you , not through us.  That is the same with all the programmes.  Unfortunately if you want high quality HD programmes that nearly always function you need to pay extra for IPTV, especially for live sport. 10 Euros per month for everything that would cost you 130 pounds per month in the UK. (not including latest cinema movies)

I remember when I first came here 17 years ago you you had two choices Tele Micro at 250 Euros plus 23 Euros per month or no TV. Thats 526 Euros for the first year and 276 Euros per year after the first year. Even now some people pay 30/35 Euros per month.  Before you decide make an appointment to see our IPTV and the free channels for just 10 Euros per month or if you don’t mind the quality the free apps as it says are FREE.



When you see an update program, you must update it, by following the instructions which appears on screen and the install program. It is easy and simple. We keep on receiving complaints about programmes not being updated. Of course the programmes need you to press the buttons to update them.  If you do not do this it will mean we have to do it for you and we have to charge a fee for this. So save money and update when you see an update notice.

There are three new updates just now  CINEMA HD 2.2.2 ,   CYBERFLIX 3.3 and MEDIA LOUNGE  2.2 Please check and update.

Please note IPTV programmes update themselves.


CoVid19 Virus.

Unfortunately due to the CoVid 19 virus we have to ask you to do the following please.

  1. Visiting for demonstrations or updating your box. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK. 
  2. Please CLEAN and SANATISE your box if you are bringing it for updating. 
  3. You will be given a seat 2 meters away, please do not leave this seat. 
  4. I will also keep to these rules and my hands will be washed and fully sanitised. 
  5. Thank you in advance for keeping us all safe.