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I have been asked by several people about Cyberflix having problems.

We do not have any contact with the programme providers as they are not legal and have to stay incognito. I have been watching the internet and lots of people are saying no data and buffering problems are common just now and they put it down to lockdown as there are lots more using the movie channels than normal causing their servers to crash. There is a new version supposed to come out soon.  Also live lounge has changed to Media Lounge. We cannot do updates on the free programmes for no charge sorry.

It is very important that you update these programmes at least once a month.

IPTV updates itself every day but this is a pay channel.

You must wear a mask when visiting us.




UK Catch UP

If you have IPTV you may have noticed that Catch Up is behaving badly. This is a problem with all Catch Ups no matter who supplies you it.

The UK continue to block it and are causing major problems to clients abroad. Our suppliers have been caught out with it as well and tell us they will have a solution in 7/10 days time.

Sometimes a VPN is the only way round this , but the BBC and ITV are blocking most free VPN s accept the expensive ones such as IP Vanish, Which is  a costly monthly  charge.

Lets hope the catch Up problem is solved soon to stop me getting divorced.

In the meantime the IPTV service has no other problems and you can continue to watch all your live TV and Movies in full High Definition.

Just got some new news about LOCKDOWN.  The Valencian government may take us back to phase 0  as the figures on COVID19 are rising again. 

If your box or IPTV needs updating please get it done now.



Opening in our area for updates and demos.

But we have to add new rules unfortunately.  

You have to check you can travel to our area

You must wear a mask and stay 2 meters away. (I will be wearing mask and gloves.)

You must make an appointment by telephone and e-mail.

We do not supply masks or gloves.

If you wish to change to the NEW    IPTV  system.
Please telephone for details of rebate system.

Just of interest  if you have freeview through a large Satellite dish, you would have noticed it either failed this morning or broke up really bad.

IPTV did not as the weather does not affect IPTV.  

There is a demo video on this site.

Keep Well, Keep Safe.