February 2020
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Daily Archives: February 16, 2020


Whats New?

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks but I have been very busy with a new IPTV program which is mind-blowing. Yes, honest it is the best I have seen in 8 years of business.

It has FHD 4K quality and a fantastic selection of channels, some of which I have listed below.

I am so excited about this IPTV program I may go out and buy a new 4K TV thats how good it is. The quality is stunning.

Not only has it every UK TV program but regional channels as well most in FHD quality, including all the sports channels plus 3pm kick offs and championship EFL games and Scottish SFL games. Over 6000 channels  WOW.

It also has (VOD) video on demand latest movies and box sets in HD. Yes all the latest cinema releases.

What about catch up, yes lots of UK and Sky channels on catch up and you can also record channels.

Fancy a cup of tea or a cold drink, no worries you can pause live TV so you don’t miss a thing.

This is the best IPTV out, deigned around the Sky Q system. At less than 2 Euros a week 99 Euros a year, this is high quality TV at a very low price. 

Oh I forgot to mention all (PPV) pay channels are free and no VPN required and we have Multi Room as well.

What do you need. Of course internet and an Android box, if you have not got one we can provide you a high quality super fast box at a special price all ready to go plug and play.

IT is now up and running in our studio for you to see. So what are you waiting for.