January 2020
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Updates again.

Wow more update again. The developers/programers are working their buts off to have the best APPS.

Morphix is beginning to be the best for high quality HD movies and box sets with very few clicks and super fast for movies and box sets.

He\she has now released 2.0.4 make sure you update as it is well worth it.

I like Morphix for fantastic HD cinema releases and box sets as well.  Not a lot of box sets but growing daily.

Big thumbs up from me.


More Updates January

A few more updates for January are here today.

Live lounge once again has been updated to version 9.0.

This was my number one favourite but when it works it is fab but to often it doesn’t and it becomes crap.
Plus I don’t like so many adds, as it has.

This would be the best app as I said but it will have to be more reliable.  

Yes the guy puts a lot of effort into his app but it will have to be stable more often.

Also updated is Exousia an app by the same programmer, now version 2.6 and Typhoon TV has been updated.

IPTV is great for live TV and sport, plus catchup and EPG.  The movie channels are not so good but who cares with the new Morphix , Theatre Plus and Cinema HD giving us all the best in the latest movies and box sets to select from.

Hey have you seen the amount of live TV and movie channels on NET BOX now?  

Even I am impressed with the selection. And the IPTV is not only the best but the cheapest, at less than 2 Euros per week.

With over  1600 channels, catchup and EPG (electronic programming) plus the best movie channels its got to be the best value box in Spain.

IT’s all about choice and we sure offer you choice.


“Star Trek Picard”  what on earth is this you may ask?

In my last blog I told you about the new update for CINEMA HD.
I have more new news.

Not only has it a fantastic movie selection and box sets but it also has a NETFLIX selection, AMAZON  and HULU films and box sets.  

This is the best choice I have seen in 12 years. Nearly every movie ever made and so many box sets, I don’t think anyone could count them.

This APP must now take the number one slot from CYBERFLIX. Be sure and try out CINEMA HD 2.1.6 when you can.

Just to make things even better. If you are a Treky fan just like me, then here is marvellous news. The New Star Trek Picard series is out in full HD now, all 10 episodes. Am I a happy chappy today. Captain Picard is back in an all new series.

Hey its Christmas all over again.