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Whats NEW In Movies and latest NEWS.

Hi Folks lots and lots of new movies out especially for the children this summer.

The Lion King. (the biggest grossing film ever) a must for kids and adults as well (cam)
John Wick 3   ( If you are into violence this is a must.)
Yesterday  (A great film for Beatles fans and those who like a good story as well as good music.)
Avengers End Game (The last of the super heroes series).
Spider Man Far From Home.  ( a great film for Super Heros fans)
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (New movie just released) cam
Toy Story 4. 
Jumbo  (Latest kids movies)
Aladdin   (Latest kids movies)
Secret life of Pets   (Latest kids movies)

Plus hundreds more of the latest  cinema movies.

When you see CAM beside a film it may not be great HD quality. So perhaps may be best to wait a short while for the full HD version to arrive.

Please remember we do not put these movies up or live channels. They are available from the internet and are sourced by the box.  We have no way of contacting the providers.


The Football Season is here again. Make sure your box is up to date and all sports channels are working. Check live lounge to see if you have 8.0.7 the latest update. TV Tap is functioning and the many others with sports. Do not leave it till the last moment as we are not open at weekends. If you have IPTV then you have the best program for all sports and other live TV programmes in super HD quality.  Save a fortune with IPTV phone us for details.



Live Lounge again.  Hi all, Unfortunately Live Lounge has updated to 8.07 but due to security reasons he has had to add a new `live Lounge altogether. Which means you have to delete the old one and add the new one.

See his web site  www.i4apps.co.uk   for further information.  If you purchased your box this year or had your box updated this year we can do it for you, just telephone with the date of purchase or update and we will give you an appointment to do it while you wait.

Want the best high quality TV pictures in HD and Catch Up, with EPG call us for a special deal on IPTV. Great sport with no or very little buffering.

 Tel 966680541  the best premium IPTV at the best price.