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My apologies for not putting up more blogs. Due to the Brexit disagreements there has been very little to write about, I think the programers have been watching to much Brexit and not bringing out any new programmes.

Of course all this affects all the ex-pats in Spain and who knows how it will effect us all here.  But the good news is summer is coming very soon and we will spend more of our leisure time at the beach. 

Anyway what is new?    EarthCam is an exiting way to spend watching the rest of the world go by.  See live cameras throughout the world and what others are doing and their weather in their country live.  You might be able to see your home town live?

There are also a few more movie channels and Live Lounge has brought out a new APK called Exousia which has Sports, Live TV and Movies as well as Box Sets. 

Clients keep asking me should they UPDATE programmes when a notice appears on screen. My answer is always YES as it refreshes the programmes as well as keeping you updated.

IPTV is the big thing on Net Box just now as it works nearly 100 percent of the time and has so much choice and most in HD.


More Special Bargains.

Yes we have more new bargains for those wanting a second box or have a friend who is looking for a cheap way of receiving UK TV, Movies, box Sets and Sports.

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