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Updates 7

Hi All

This week so far there has been three new updates.

First   Mobdro a new update. Just a matter of following the instructions on screen and it is that easy.

Second   Live Lounge (Sports App)   as above follow on screen instructions.

Third   Sports Angel.   Not so easy as you must remove old App and then reinstall new App. For programmers only.  Use Live Lounge .

Sports Angel and Live Lounge are the same provider. 





Coming soon.  

We will have shortly a Video Hints and Tips section. We are awaiting a special piece of equipment to screen record from the Net Box.


We do not host or upload any of the content of these APPS. All content is retrieved from third party web sites.
We do not have any affiliation with the content providers and are not responsible for the content they provide.
Also we have no way of contacting the providers.






Pay Television. (IPTV)

Why pay for television when you can receive it from the internet for free (excluding your internet cost) I used to say. Was I wrong or was I right? that is the question. I will explain both sides now and you can make up your own mind.

The free TV down the internet is coming from lots of different people who either purchase or hire servers to send the programmes and do this from their own pockets. In most cases unless they are in a very good financial position these servers can not deliver the best of quality and even then they still depend on their internet service to upload fast and your internet service to give you good steady download speed.

Internet speed can drop just for a split second from the sender or you the receiver and your program can freeze. This is a problem with television received down the internet. Yes internet is getting better every year and faster, so perhaps things will change. (This happens all the time with satellite TV as well)

Just a few years ago receiving good quality down the internet with uninterupted programs was impossible. Now today it is far better but still has a long way to go to match satellite television but can you afford a very big dish and the huge monthly charges. (up to 100 euros per month) and even then can you obtain anything but Freeview outside the UK.

IPTV is what you pay for, why?  The programmes being sent are coming from large very expensive servers mainly rented by the providers. This is why we have to pay. The quality is usually better and with a lot less outages caused by the internet. How much does it cost, from 99€ to 240€ per year depending who you get it from. For this you receive nearly every live television program in the world, including pay channels. Compare that against the yearly cost of 100€ per month (1200€ per year) and that is still only for certain TV programmes.

What is the best way to choose? Have them both (the free internet TV and IPTV) if you can afford it. You will then get the best of both worlds, a fantastic selection of the latest movies, boxed sets, sports from around the world and world TV. This is now available on one box saving you the cost of an IPTV box and Android Box.

The weekly cost from us is less than 2€ per week (less than a coffee and cake).  As I always say do not just take my word for it. Come for a free demonstration and if you have an android box we will put IPTV on your box free a 48 hour trial.

If you purchased a box from us telephone for a very special one year price which is unbeatable.  Telephone 966680541.

Please note we do not send or download television programmes, these are available down the internet from various places.