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April 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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New Update news.

Just in case you did not notice, there has been a lot of new updates with these updates giving better choice and quality to your screen.

The best update has been SWIFT STREAMZ a great program giving you hundreds of live TV from around the world, with huge selection of sports as well and most in HD quality.
it is now version 1.1

Live Lounge is now version 7.0.9 and again with most channels in HD. Some adds but worth it to get this type of quality and selection.

This is just a couple of the updates, there are lots more.  If you missed them and had your box updated in the last six months, we now have a mini update at a reduced price of 20 Euros.

Scam Warning.

While I was writing this newsletter I had a call from an Asian gentleman telling me he was from Microsoft technical department in California. He informed me that my PC was not working. Strange as I am on an Apple Mac.
I asked him what time was it in California and stranger still he could not tell me. An obvious scam. So I told him in not to polite terms to F— O–. Be careful as these guys are after your passwords and bank details.
Never give any details to cold callers 99.9% of them are scammers.

Have a good day.



Latest News From Harry

Just in case you have not read on the news, the new Game Of Thrones will be on most Movie channels (we hope) next week. Please look out yourself as some people have the latest channels as they carry out the upgrades when prompted and others do not. This is the most anticipated and awaited program ever. It will be in boxed sets and I don’t know which ones so please look through them yourself. Thank You.

Live Lounge is now updated to version 7.0.9 which is the second this week.  
This programmer keeps his program well up to date worth updating, so please make sure you do it.

Mini Updates. If you have missed some updates and have had your box updated in the past six months, you can have a mini update which costs only 15 Euros.

Remember you have to phone for an appointment please. Will be carried out while you wait if you do this.

If you have a UK mobile,  please don’t expect me to phone back as it cost a fortune which I cannot afford , sorry.



Hey good morning all. Livelounge has been updated this morning, so don’t forget to update it ASAP. It is far better and most in HD. Livelounge is the best free programme for live TV, Sports, and others. You will get the occasional ADD but this is how the guy pays for the severs and his time , which is very time consuming and a lot of work. Hey if you are feeling the cold . Try out the new fireplaces channel on Livelounge, looks so realistic.

Also updated was Swift Streamz but I am sorry to say there are problems with it and hopefully they will update it soon to a better working program.

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