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October 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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Important updates.  Please even if you do not use the free apps, update them when the notice of updates appear. It only takes a few minutes and they should be viewed at least once every two weeks.

Even if you only use IPTV programmes you must switch on free apps to see if they require updates.  If at any time your IPTV goes down, you could use the free apps.

If you miss an update , your free app may not work or let you upload the next update.  This is how they design them and we can’t change them.

Finally I have said this again and again, I have no control over the programmes and can’t contact the providers, so please do not ask me to contact them or if one is faulty. Just try another app.



Hi Everyone

Since September 50 million people have had their IPTV service discontinued.  The company we use for our clients are still working but at reduced service. The latest information we have is most programmes are getting back to normal today and others over the next 7 days.  Please remember we ourselves do not provide the programmes and the Net Box stores only the information of were these programmes are stored on the internet. 

We make this clear on the instructions you receive with the box and our terms.  I have tried to obtain other IPTV suppliers for our clients but they are worst than the one you have, also you can’t even contact them or they us.

We provide IPTV as a service to our customers but do not have any control over them.  If you were to obtain this programmes in the UK it would cost in excess of 200 Euros a month not 99 Euros per year.

I myself depend on IPTV and wish it could be better especially for sports. But I also use TV Tap Pro, Live Lounge and others to supplement them.


IPTV Good News at last

If you are waiting to buy an  IPTV package or renew your existing package, the good news is all is working at last.
Yes the IPTV package is fully working fine now, so I am sure, all is resolved.
We have not raised prices or lessened the package as per the rumours. Some providers may have done so but we have not.
The price is still 99 Euros per annum with catch-up and EPG. This is the premium package at less than 2 Euros per week.
This is less than one months subscription to Sky and you have lots of extra programmes on it. Such as latest Movies and Box Sets.

If you wish to see it working, telephone us for a free demo at our studio. Most in HD quality.

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