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March 2019
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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More Special Bargains.

Yes we have more new bargains for those wanting a second box or have a friend who is looking for a cheap way of receiving UK TV, Movies, box Sets and Sports.

OUR CHEAPEST  EX DEMO box with all the latest FREE APPS.  Just 99 Euros (Worth 199 Euros)
    or with the free Apps and one year of IPTV  just 149 Euros.    (Worth  269 Euros)

EX DEMO  MAG BOX with one years IPTV subscription.
129 Euros.
 (Worth 220 Euros).

New never used Box  149 Euros with one years free IPTV subscription. (Worth 269 Euros).

Only one of each available. First come first served. Telephone for more details  
Harry  TEL 966680541.

Do not miss these bargains    


IPTV Whats the difference.

Every day I get asked , what is the differences and advantages of IPTV?  

There are quite a few differences and advantages. The main one is there is very little on no stoppages.
Why?  All the free channels are from individuals who make no money or very little from their channels. Most have good equipment but do not have the capacity on their servers to have huge amounts of viewers on their servers.
This means on busy weekends when there are millions of viewers you may get stoppages or buffering now and again.
With IPTV the servers are much bigger and are capable of serving millions of viewers and very rarely stop or buffer and most programmes are in full HD quality.  You also have Catch Up and EPG  (electronic programming guide).
It is also far easier to use and find programmes.  I hope this explains it more to you all. 

At present we have special offers with IPTV and updating your box.

Please telephone 966680541 for details.


CyberFlix APK  (LATEST)

Ever had a really exhausting day and wanted a break so that you could just relax and watch a good movie? Well, with Cyberflix , unlimited entertainment is right on your fingertips. Cyberflix TV is an awesome video streaming app. With its great content and high video quality, this app is gaining hundreds of audience every single day. You may find many video streaming apps available for Android, but with the unique features and collection of movies that Cyberflix TV app offers, you can never find a better one.
The number one for the latest movies and box sets.

Please note we do not upload any APK’s ourselves and can’t contact the providers. So please do not contact us regarding individual programmes or movies.

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