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November 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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LIVE LOUNGE 7.0.3 Winter Edition is available .

Live Lounge 7.0.3 is available now, just download it now and remember to visit the Christmas Fireplace section for some fab real looking fireplaces. Great for the Christmas holidays.

And there are also 60 Christmas movies especially for you to view as well as the best FREE IPTV Sports section available.

Do you have our Premium IPTV yet?  see our next blog for a Christmas deal coming soon.  

Cant wait? give me a call and see how cheap we can do one years Super HD quality live TV with catch up, EPG and an easy to use interface at an easy on your pocket price. PLUS your box will be updates FREE with this deal.



Just a quick update on Live Lounge which has been updated again. It should update automatically with all you have to do is press install.

The new update has all parts of it working as far as I know and the quality is superb in all the live sections including the FREE IPTV but please remember you can’t get catchup on this and you may get adverts now and again..

To obtain full high quality live TV including catch up and non buffering sports you have to use the pay channel IPTV , which uses bigger and better servers, for less than 2 Euros per week ( less than a couple of cups of coffee).  If you wish to see it working just give us a phone call. (no obligation)


LIVE LOUNGE BACK.  Yes that was a lot quicker than we thought. There are some small issues still to be fixed, but I am sure they will be soon.

Remember there are always back ups for every channel, so you will always find plenty of choice with your Net Box.

Please help us by checking your internet before telephoning us as the past two weeks we have had a few complaints about losing programmes and all along clients had internet drop outs or low signal.

We do not have any control over your internet service and cannot help you to fix the problem. We provide a service that allows you to use your own internet to locate live television and movies plus box sets from developers who put them on the internet for you to view.  These developers for legal reasons do not give out their whereabouts or contact details to anyone and are not contactable.

We do not supply or put up any programmes ourselves or maintain these sites.  Most developers do this for free on their own time.

Thank you


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