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May 2018
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Not all Scots are mad but I am


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Hi all ,   there are lots Of New Movies in all the movie channels.

Have a look at the movie channels especially Showbox and Terrarium there are a lot of new movies for you to see, perhaps because there is a lull in the football scene till the world cup comes along.

Some fab movies to choose from and most in HD quality. My favourite is the Greatest Showman. I don’t normally like musicals but this one has  a true story and really good music.

Overboard ,  Ready Player One, Terminal, Skyscraper, Rampage, Black Panther are just a few with good write ups that are now on the channels. But remember for by Terrarium and Showbox we have Megabox, Cartoon HD, One Box and many more movie channels perhaps in your APPS folder.

Also don’t forget this weekend the European Championship, Real Madrid vs Liverpool is on a lot of channels. 




IPTV Open Day.

Is IPTV all it is supposed to be.  Well come and see for yourself on our special IPTV open day, this Monday Tuesday and Thursday 21st,22nd and 24th May 2018.

We will show you how good it is with 1480 channels and a further 4000 channels with the FREE APS. Fantastic choice.

Don’t miss your favourite TV program or World Cup Game all UK, USA, Canada, Spain and other countries TV programmes. We also have catch up on UK TV programmes.

All this at a very special price during these three open days,  just give us a call and come along. Tel 966680541 or 688611466.

Also if you want the very latest Net Box at a special Upgrade price. You won’t be disappointed  at our trade in prices.

We can’t print the prices as we do not want our competitors to know. Tell your friends ,all welcome.

 Don’t miss a game of the World Cup


Mobdro Update.

Hey guys, Mobdro did another update last night 2.1.4. If you did not get it use this method.

Open Mobdro, scroll down to settings,  scroll along to ABOUT,  open about  (double click), The version number is on the top left hand side, below this is check for updates. Press this.

It will now let you download version 2.1.4.   They say it is much better?

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